Fix blurry roads

i agree it’s a bit strange.
but from what i noticed is that roads in microsoft flight simulator is tied to bing streamed textures.
they aren’t actually overlayed road textures or road models like in the other flight sim.

Seems like an easy fix? If the devs have an algorithm to turn satellite imagery into 3D buildings then surely they can say: “there’s a road here, make it blacktop”, no?

Same with bodies of water. We don’t fly over satellite imagery of lakes. The algorithm is programmed to recognize bodies of water and overlay them with in game textures.

Idk how this hasn’t been fixed after 2 years, it’s incredibly immersion breaking to drive over major highways made of grass.


openstreetmap exists, the have pretty much all the roads in the world up to date.

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Cries in Xbox

i don’t know why they just don’t slap a texture of a road over the one in the sattelite image, maybe this isn’t that simple but with ia it could be possible i guess

Please render roads in the simulator rather than just using ground textures that appear blurry and discolored.

Real Life:


X-Plane renders roads and it really helps make scenery look better, especially when closer to the ground.

Hopefully this will be added eventually.