Fix Cloud Density and any Resulting Effects (wing fade)

I’m in the beta as well but the issue still persists. Seb said the live weather team would be working on a fix but I haven’t seen anything in the release notes related to it so far. Is this going to be a server side fix? SU15 is about to drop and 2024 will be out before anything else drops anyway.

There’s no difference in the clouds with SU15. They still look very poor and unrealistic a lot of the time in terms of colour, density, shape, and resolution.


Wait, they claim to have a full “live weather team”!? The same “team” that couldn’t, in more than one full year (probably a lot more) bring back lightnings and thuders!?
We’re in good hands then.
Not surprised though, it’s been now more than 3 months that the simulator won’t start in full screen as it used by default. Must be very very very hard to fix that too. They should build a team to investigate that too, then add it to the infinite list of bugs and whatsoever that they’re “investigating” since day one. OR, considering FS2020 sold more than ten million copies around the world, they could give us a NEW simulator, not based on a version more than 10 years old. Imagine how many teams they’d need to do that though. :rofl:


That’s already been fixed for a while in SU15 beta.