Fix for CTD in main menu (post-update 5) - Remove your OC even if it was previously stable

After days of trying to fix the CTD in the main menu brought in by Update 5, a very helpful person in a YouTube comment suggested I run my GPU without any OC. Even though my OC is stable in everything else, I’ve set my GPU timings to stock and the main menu has now been running for about 10 minutes without any CTD. Hopefully I can get some flights in now.

I guess the thing is to fix the sim so stable overclocked GPUs will work.

Edit - Important to note I’ve used this OC for the past year, including in MSFS, without a single crash relating to OC instability.

Strange enough, this works for me as well :+1:. Been playing, flying for 2 hours without CTD. Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce RTX2070 Super.


… OC is not stable if it crashes in any use. Games or applications do not “enable OC” support. Lower your OC or use defaults.

Yeah I don’t buy it. I’ve used this OC in many applications for the past year without a single crash from GPU instability. Runs perfectly in everything else. You do the math.

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Don’t blame the software - blame the overclocking! The way to overclock any CPU or GPU is to make your adjustments - then test it for stability. Stress testing is not always the best way. If it crashes running what you want it to run - then down-tune your overclock until it is stable!

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Same here. For now I won’t be doing any heavy OC.

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Yeah already thoroughly stress tested this OC. As said before, been using it for a while without problem, including in pre-update 5 MSFS.

May I suggest you turn the overclock off back to vanilla, then fly MSFS? If it flies stably - then you have the answer. You can then tweak back in small amounts of o/c if you wish. But - the bottom line really is - do you actually need o/c? Does it really make any difference (to this game/sim) ? If you are able to fly stutter-free at around 30fps or more without CTDs - that’s about all flight simulators typically do. It’s not an arcade game; it has a whole bunch of things to do that no other game has to do.

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An OC does indeed improve performance. I’ll set up a more moderate OC profile for MSFS at some point for sure. To my taste, 30fps isn’t adequate for a good sim experience. The higher the fps, the more I pick up on the subtle movements of the aircraft. Obviously I’m not aiming for anything crazy but 60fps is the ideal minimum for me, hopefully I can get that with my next upgrade. It all comes down to personal taste really I suppose.