Fix for ntdll.dll crashes on Windows

Over the past few days, we have been thoroughly investigating crash reports from some PC players related to ntdll.dll. The team is recommending the following procedure to fix the issue:

  1. Manually run Windows Update (Start → Check for updates) and install any available updates. (Note: there may be no updates available)
  2. Perform a full restart of your PC (even if there were no updates detected in Step 1)
  3. After rebooting, launch Microsoft Flight Simulator and test if you still get the ntdll.dll crash.

Many players on the forums have already tested this procedure and are reporting that the ntdll.dll crash is no longer occurring for them. If you are still experiencing this specific crash after completing the procedure above, please post in this thread.

Important note: this procedure only resolves the specific crash related to ntdll.dll on PC. It does not fix any other CTDs.