Fix for Sudden FPS drop from 40-50 down to single digits FPS

A lot of people recently been having this random extrem FPS drops from 40+ down to under 10 FPS. I’ve had this problem and was able to resolve it.

As we know, Under normal gaming condition we have 100% GPU usage at operating temperature (60-70C), and a reasonable CPU usage from 20% to 50% depending on your CPU. But when this sudden FPS drop happens, you all see your GPU and CPU pretty much at IDLE. Chilling at 10% usage and 40C while your game tank at 2 FPS.

If u turn on dev mode and turn on FPS display you would see, at this point, “limited by CT Draw” when normally it’s “limited by GPU.” A quick google you would find that it’s the glass panels in the cockpit that’s causing this CT Draw bs.

So the answer you’ve all been looking for:

simply turn your view away from the cockpit glass panels, look at the roof of your cockpit, or the seat, or outside. Simply look away. And this is not an instant fix. It takes a while. At least 30 sec to 1 min if not more. Give it time it will recover eventually.


dont have this issue myself of FPS dropping so something is wrong your end.

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There are actually quite a few posts about this problem. You are one of the lucky ones.

No issues here, there is a setting to lower the update rate of panels since update #2. And be sure there are no addons loaded from the Community folder when checking for problems.

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Have you tried changing the Glass Cockpit Refresh rate in settings to see if it makes a difference?

EDIT: NVM, just saw Cygnifick’s reply

I experienced the same today during my flight, but i then deactivated the VFR Map in the top menu and instantly the FPS were back normal.

got that issue yesterday with the TBM.

Even in external cam I got that problem, and nothing I could do/look at would fix this.
After about 50min it went back to normal by itself

(settings ingame for refrash rate of the MFDs are set to the lowest possible)

The more effective/reliable fix is to disable the VFR map in the in game top menu. See this thread:

Not 100% but mostly seems to work

Please vote on that thread to raise the priority and ZenDesk it as well

I just experienced the same issue. So annoying after a flight of four hours!
Closing the VFR didn’t change anything for me.
Hope it will be solved soon.

i ran into the issue as well yesterday.
looked in the console while the issue was happening and saw icing error messages littered throughout the console. i was using a custom airplane with IFR, and think the issue was due to not having the icing modeled for the custom airplane. this was the only time i came across the issue as i’ve been using stock aircraft for the most part.

I had this issues as well. I had to save the game and then load it back up again. Thats on a high end system with a 3080 no less…

I usually get this when I activate drone mode and move around. Something probably goes infinitive loop that gets killed eventually and the game is almost unresponsive. It’s like extreme lag and I have to quit the flight for it to reset.


same issue for me today … fps drops to 10 after 1h of flying
start flying with vfr map active on my second screen …
works fine with around 45-50 fps but after 1h i get this massive frame drops…
…disabling the vfr map in the quickbar fix the low fps instantly

Try going to the settings in the quickbar and doing a reset all. See if that fixes it.

I don´t have VFR map open or in the quickbar. it happens sporadically and without any reason. my FPS are locked to 33 - and it’s very smooth, no matter where - CPU usage around 30-35%, GPU 70%-95% depending on the location, settings MAX-Ultra, resolution 57609x1080 - when this happens, the graphics card usage goes to 30% and CPU to 10%, temperatures are completely normal (CPU @46° MAX and GPU 74°). as if the process would “fall asleep”, apparently not related to the graphic settings, it just happens. there is definitely something wrong. didn’t have that with any of the other versions.
Specs: 10920x@4.6 Ghz, 2080Ti, 64GB RAM, all ssd´s, default without any “tweaks” or community addons (to exclude errors)!

I would accuse you of being a bad computer user…

… if it hadn’t also happened to me.

Happened during the Europe bush flight. Wouldn’t stop it until I restarted the game.

Of course, you can’t really save your game so… bush flight over. :roll_eyes:

I understand :disappointed_relieved:- today it happened to me during the flight from LOWW - EGLL - almost the whole flight super smooth, then during the approach suddenly jumps from 33 FPS to 20-24-20-25 which led to pauses for seconds, limited by main thread, all red - then again all ok - then again the same - but in the final approach again my smooth 33 FPS (down to 28) but without stuttering…

Cockpit refresh rate , wich option should we put? Low , medium or high?

What is your gpu that generates temperature of 60-70C at 100% GPU usage? my 1080ti founders edition generates more than 82c at that usage

Try putting it to the next lowest level and see if that has a big effect.