Fix SimConnect CameraSetRelative6DOF

Hi, I tried to use the SimConnect api to control the cockpit and external camera by calling the SimConnect_CameraSetRelative6DOF function on the Frame system event.

There was no visible response in the simulator. I did however see that the camera used before starting a flight, where you see the surrounding of your plane, is responding to the calls.

Then I noticed in the SDK documentation, that the function status is marked “No error, no response”.

When will this be fixed?

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Next week’s patch will contain a fix for SimConnect stuttering. One can only hope that this is adressed at the same time. No confirmation unfortunately.

There is no fix to camera events, and they are all still ignored.

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Not listed in Known Issues either. Hope this will be picked up soon.

Apparently it was not. Please fix this.

I am also looking for a working API SimConnect_CameraSetRelative6DOF function call. Please fix it and let us know when it will be released. Thanks in advance …

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Unfortunately no progress for the SimConnect_CameraSetRelative6DOF API with SDK version 6.0 …

I’m also interested in knowing when this is going to be working.