Fix Taxiway Lights at Default Airports

I’d like to see the taxiway lighting cleaned up at default airports a little bit. For example, light posts are along taxiway lines and lights don’t always line up with the tarmac.

A tool in Developer mode to tidy up the taxiway lighting would be a good start.

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Push. I read somewhere else that Asobo couldn’t reproduce the error which I can hardly imagine to be true. I reproduce it on pretty much every single flight at any given destination airport. Sometimes the lights float so high above the runway after landing that I roll underneath them. I wouldn’t even bother if only I could manage to navigate alongside. But they only shine upwards. From underneath they are just pale dots poppung up right the moment I pass. Maybe I should invite the guys over to my place. Pizza is on me. Then we’re gonna reproduce the hell out of this thing together over and over again.