Fixed all issues in system at once. Very simple and effective

Instead of poking around looking for cures to all my problems. Spending precious time fixing one issue just to have another one pop up. I have devoted this system to gaming only.
This morning, I called best buy, working in the Philippines, I told them that I wanted to reset my pc back to factory specs. So, they took over my pc and reinstalled windows while I was at work. I came home to a brand new (OS system) pc. Now I am redownloading MSFS from the Xbox app after configuring windows. I think I have the ability to use endless downloads since I have downloaded it several other times. While chasing random cures for several problems I have been encountering. The last being my PC would not gracefully shutdown when I was done playing MSFS. I had to hit my power button after waiting an hour for it to shut down. This caused many more problems, too numerous to go into now. I have decided to keep doing this if more problems crop up. It is so much easier than any alternative that I have been able to think of. I may wear out a drive now and then, but they are pretty cheap right now.!
Hope everyone has a good time flying. I know that is what I will be doing in my free time!

Did it fix all issues in the system?

A[though all my issues were gone, my data was still on the game. I don’t know what happened but it played "cleanly " again. I’m going to ask tech support if I am able to delete cloud data. I’ll get back to answer your question soon. I think my answer will be negative do to all the simmers here not being able to accomplish this task. I have a feeling that all the corrupted files were effecting my game play. And all those were thrown out during the reset. I had to hard stop the game, with the power button. so many times I am sure there were plenty of corrupted files. This could be a solution to the problem or not. I havn’t been on here llong enough to have read many posts on the subject.

So, I just got off the phone with the geek squad. They told me that they can remove data from the cloud and that they do all the time for others. I am a preferred customer due to buying 2 laptops from them this year. I am not operating a best buy rig right now and am on a Yeyian Odachi Intel 14 gen 9 149000kf prebuilt. Since I have msfs on the two laptops I feel like I am doing the right and just performance asking about MSFS.
So since it is possible to delete cloud data, we must find the way to do it ourselves. Then we can get rid of ALL these bad bugs!

Well I found the answer to delete your cloud data in a post from "fusedstarfish56>.
I will repost the steps taken by him to get his game running again. I got my game off the xbox app so have not tried it myself but I believe I saw it work on the Microsoft Store or Steam, in part of the post. I think I would have to change it a little to re-install my game!

  1. Open the Microsoft Store.
    2/ Click on the Three Dots menu and then click Settings.
  2. Make sure your Offline Permissions is set to ON
  3. Start Microsoft Flight Simulator, once you’re on the main menu, quit the game
    5.(they told me in a second email to skip this step, because, obviously, I couldn’t get to the main menu)*5.6.
  4. Disconnect your PC from the intern6et
  5. Quit Microsoft Flight Simulator
  6. Copy and paste your LocalCache and LocalState folders on your Desktop (for example), located by default here:C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache
    8.Then head to your Windows 10 Settings → Storage → Apps & games → Microsoft Flight Simulator → Advanced Options -->Select the Reset button.
  7. Once done, move the saved folders from your Desktop to C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\
  8. Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator
  9. Follow the onboarding and launch a flight
  10. Reconnect your PC to the internet
  11. Connect back to the internet.
  12. Once connected in-game, quit Microsoft Flight Simulator
  13. Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator again
    If you are prompted to pick a save, you need to pick “LOCAL” for this time only. Moving forward, you will want to pick “Cloud”

And that is the whole post as I found it. Hope this helps any new simmers coming to the forum for this anwser.

Well, my last two posts did not work for long. So my problems just persisted for months since then. I hardly ever turned on my computer because I knew that MSFS was going to be crashing it. And then I read this article and it has fixed all my problems. I did it around the week ago and it still works. Now I have no trepidation about turning on my computer and using msfs.

I can just about guarantee you any problem will be solved if these changes are made, just as they’re told to be in the article. I am truly indebted into this Author, wishing there was a way I could thank him. So maybe he’s a member here and sees this post.

“Thank you Peter!” Who is a real pilot by the way. And just uses msfs to keep his proficiency at flying.