[FIXED ON LIVE] You are missing packages that are essential to run Microsoft Flight Simulator. Please update the application and try again

Navigate to UserCfg.opt and at the bottom correct the path to where your packages now reside.

No I already did try that obvious fix… there was something else corrupt in the folder it didn’t like and wouldn’t tell me. Only solution was to move/rename this 120GB folder and then when I restarted FS it decided to download the entire 120GB again - horrible inefficient and costly for all involved (time, bandwidth) solution to that horrible bug. But done now.

I glad you got sorted … could it be you had one or more files set to read only?

I had entire OneStore on one drive which was slow mechanical drive… wanted to move it back to fast SSD drive… it also appeared to be encrypted with EFS (all files were showing in green) so I wanted to get rid of that, as that might also be slowing things down, so I unticked “encrpyt these files” in info of folder and it did that… took ages to go through all… complained about some of them, some still showed as green. Then gave up trying to move folder as was getting errors, so went back to original symbolic link method to other drive folder… then the game started complaining… now just re-downloaded entire lot of 120GB onto same mechanical drive without symbolic link… just pointing directly from config, and it works now.

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Yup encryption is not your friend. I don’t bother but I don’t store anything that would be useful to hackers on this PC anyway

Hey everyone,

I just moved from xbox to PC. Clean install.

I was facing the issue too and I was unable to solve it with the suggestions provided in this thread. What worked for me was deleting the fs-base-ingamepanels-metar folder located under


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This worked! Still have to delete it every time I start, though…

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Yes, this is the annoying part, so I guess we still need to find a long term solution :confused:

Hello !

I have the same issue that you guys have or had and I still don’t understand why … I’ve tried the solution of andyjb1037219 but I only got 2 folders instead of severals and none of them contains package (I’ve search with the ctrl+f command and by myself …). I’ve just bought MFS yesterday and I am already being frustrated.

Does anyone know something else that can help me ?

BTW i’m french so sorry if i’m a little wrong with my english :slight_smile:

hello I do not seem to have this folder

This seems to work for me. I just have to ignore the update request. Only issue I’m having now is the game seems to be running poorly…frame rate seems about 10fps lower than normal. It was working perfectly fine 2 days ago. It would not start yesterday due to an XB issue. After reinstalling I was met with this error.

Also now I am unable to see other players in free flight…

5th day in this sim, all was going well. Last night, all of a sudden, when i start the sim, missing packages. I don’t use any third-party mod. Just the default sim that i downloaded and purchased from Microsoft store.
I reinstalled win 11 fresh and reinstalled the flight sim. Still the same issue “missing essential packages”
The message is annoying to say the least, asking to update and not providing any mechanism to do that except “quit”.
I have tried everything in this topic section. Nothing works.
That is my rant today. Thank you for tolerating me. Cheers.

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This workaround worked for me. No performance issues either, all i have to do is delete the folder before each launch.

Support answered my ticket with a generic update the packages in content manager. I guess we’ll have to wait until Asobo acknowledge an issue.

Alright, so I’m having the same problem. I get the sim started by deleting the fs-base-ingamepanels-metar folder. But I have to do that every time and later deny the sim to install those shady packages. It is a real pain and a solution is highly due! Right now, I deem the sim unplayable.

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Having this issue right now after formmated my windows from 11 to 10. I’m on steam version, any ideia?

I had trouble finding it too at first. Have you by any chance installed the sim on a drive that’s not C:? If so, this folder is in your installation folder or selected updates folder and official/OneStone

This issue seems to be affecting quite a few people who are installing the sim for the first time or are re-installing MSFS of late.

There is a thread here where a CM is trying to collect information on this latest incarnation of this issue.

Yes I installed it on the d drive with steam

Yea I had to reset my computer and it deleted every thing so now that I reinstall it this Happens