[FIXED] Random CTDs due to internet and hardware issues

Have a look at the thread you posted this question in already:

Release Notes for World Update III: United Kingdom

Flight Dynamics Bug Details

The recent World Update 3 introduced an issue that is negatively affecting the flaps simulation.

A workaround is to go into the flight_model.cfg of any aircraft you want to fly and divide the flap lift by 2x (there are several possible scalars for that purpose: lift_coef_flaps or lift_scalar).

This will be patched in the next update.


Flaps related Hotfix:

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Will this be on the 4th?

There wasn’t an exact date stated for the patch other than:

… publish a hotfix next week.” -Posted 26 March 2021

There is a scheduled Sim Update 3 on March 9 according to the Development Roadmap, however, as stated by the developers, it could be delayed due to the delay on World Update UK/Ireland.

Any changes to this will be posted by the Community Managers in #community:news-and-announcements

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Added a batch file for automated CPU Affinity change to the problem solving steps above:

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Hello everyone;
although I have been viewing this forum for quite some time this is my first post.
First of all a big THANK YOU to everyone for the advice & information imparted & received over, Wow! however long it’s been.
I am also new to FS(2020). Falcon 4 from Microprose (Macsoft) was my first flight, then, years later, X-Plane and BMS F4.
I wanted to get into VR but my machine wasn’t up to it. The Long Winter of Covid forced my hand into a new rig.

Intel i9 10850k
RTX 3070 Eagle
Win 10 64 Pro
64Gb RAM
FireCuda 510 SSD ZP2
Quest 2 headset on Oculus Link
Steam & etc

I started out on FS2020 and found it graphically beautiful but almost unplayable - choppy, stutters, flashing - the works.
Thanks guys for the above info’; which (with other tweaks) has been most helpful in solving this.
Now I can get the relatively smooth FPS but (I think? since the update to 1.14.5 + another patch update came out last night) my scenery is a mess. London UK (and everywhere else I tried) has buildings ‘badly painted’ in 2D onto an unreal landscape. I landed on the River Thames, for example, and drove over some water-hills and under Tower Bridge, where I prop-crashed into a big lump of water.
Cars are painted on roads and do not move. The airport ground vehicles & crew do move, because, I believe, they are part of a separate entity. The roads melt into dips in the terrain, bridges are unconnected with roads at either side, hills appear where there should not be hills, cities viewed from about 1000ft+ AGL have some semblance of buildings because of Shadow effects and all but close up they resemble stone quarries and moorland. A Covid Dystopian London Nightmare.

I have tried with ON & OFF Bing World Data, Photogrammetry, Rolling Cache, deleting cache setting/mapping new areas/deleting again all to no avail.
Somehow, the beauty of the world has been stolen and, for the sake of Flight-Sim Sanity We Want It Back!

Any ideas my friends?

Hi @JuicyBear543737, welcome to the forums :+1:

According to the side effects of the last update you’re describing, I’m not able to pinpoint the exact cause of your issue as this could be related to corrupted files, interrupted communication with the FS cloud servers which are responsible for map and sim data, or a double installation (FS might be installed twice on the system, I’ve had that problem as well).

Also, after every update, users report different things that worked before and stopped working right after installing an update. So could also be the case, that in the area you’re flying, things are temporarily not as they were before.

As soon as I know more, I’ll reply to this post! Stay tuned.

I’m currently playing around with the in game settings. Looks like the “TERRAIN LEVEL OF DETAIL” slider has the biggest impact on performance and terrain visuals.

When I’m running 100 on the Terrain LOD, my GPU usage is somewhere around 40%, when tuning down the LOD level to 10, the usage is at 99%.

Try the lowest setting (10) and see how that works performance wise.

Still looking into the terrain issues.

I have 3600MHz DDR4 RAM. If I turn off XMP on bios, It will run at default 2400MHz, which is a bummer for not using full RAM capability.

With the latest version of FS2020 ( at the time of writing) you shouldn’t need to disable XMP anymore. That was an issue where overclocked hardware caused FS to crash. However, there is no guarantee that the overclocking CTDs issue remains solved in future updates, as it could be reintroduced with new technical features being released. But for now you should be fine with XMP enabled.


Even a minor overclock on afterburner introduces major instability on the latest version. With AB enabled, I was able to cause 5x CTD’s each within 15 minutes of the game loading. Disabling AB entirely, restored stability. Can’t replicate the issue with any other game at present.

Edit: Maybe not. I turned on the landing lights and it CTD. Another hours Flight wasted.

What’s your Windows version? 20H2 or something like 2004? You can check this by typing winver in either the start menu or into the run prompt (Windows Key + R).

Manual playing with random increasing of some ‘frequencies’ of your GPU components ( possible already pre-overclocked ) and the usage of Memory manufactors XMP profiles, is a different thing. Or ? :wink:

For those with limited knowledge, yes.

Development Update of April 8th, 2021


Release Notes of World Update IV ( available:


Hotfix for available:

Patch released

Patch released

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