Fixing Missing Interior with the MSFS Legacy Importer?

So, I try to import a model, that part seems to go okay, except the interior is missing. How does one configure that importer to use the interior models? FSX Interior models were separate files.

When you import the mdl the 1st time and the little box pops up change the number to a 1 before clicking the set button. then export and add .interior. to the mdl.
then import again and leave the number a 2 click set. That has worked for me .

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, okay, I will have to try this later today when I get the chance. I will let you know how it works out and thank you so much for the tip. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Do you know what format to save textures? It worked, but aircraft is grey, so part of my problem has been taken care of with your suggestion! Thank you! :slight_smile:

The plane you imported did it have a texture? Also you need to setup MCX Import and Export Options.

Here is how mine is setup.

This is where I started getting info, really helps.

Yes, it did have a texture. What tool is that screenshot of? I just want to make sure as this is my first attempt with this tool. Thank you!!!

It’s MCX-Model Converter, what are you using?

I’ve been using the Legacy importer to MSFS. I never thought of using that one. Is it much easier? If so, I’ll go to that. I’ve also been doing, since I bought them, and just for me not to redistribute at all or anything, a favorite payware of mine of an aircraft that I miss so badly in MSFS from Prepar3d.

Is it a Native FSX or FS9 you’re trying to port over?

Well, now that I think of it it is a Prepar3d version, but I thought they had the same structure of FSX, no?

Not sure send me a zip of the model and let me see what I can do if you like.

Sadly I can’t do that, its a payware model I was converting over just for my own personal uses. :frowning: Wish I could but its probably against EULA. :/.

Open the model folder then open the .mdl and see if it has a X or 8 in the code usually right at the top. looks like MDL8MDLH (FS9)or MDLXMDLH (FSX).
If has 8 you will have to run the MCX then Legacy, X just need Legacy. Make sure no .dll or .gau files in either.
Did you try it in FSX?