Flaps Index - Indexing Error (obvious with Stream Deck or other hardware)

Since SU5, there seems to have been introduced a bug in the Flaps Index value.

It’s a little complex to explain, but maybe the attached Screen shot may help.

If you use a STREAM DECK, PLEASE check it out and either confirm or deny you are seeing this.

If you INC / Dec the Flaps up /down, all is ok, unless when the Flaps are at Zero, you do one or more additional decrements. Then the Flaps Index get one out of step with the flaps lever postion and the flaps.

Ref Screen Shot,

1st 2 up / down cycles are OK, because there was not an extra DEC done when the Flaps Index was at Zero.

Then when Index was at zero, an additional Dec was done.

Then with the INC, the Flap position (green) moved, but the Index remained at zero, till the Flaps were Inc to position 2. (and Index was now 1 step behind at 1)

When you get to MAX Index, it re-syncs to the correct value.

If you have a Stream Deck, you can very easily see this happen in say the C172 ( G1000 or Steam)

STREAM DECK users, please try this and report back if you find the same issue, – if you do, we all need to submit a ZenDesk Ticket to get it fixed, to back pre SU#4

Just tested with another player. ( Crunchmeister71 ). he has the same problem

Defiantly looking like a BUG, or maybe symptom of something a lot more fundamentally broken.

MSFS seems to have a lot of issues with both Index’s and with “Null" Pointers:roll_eyes:

Thanks for you help Crunchmeister71

Yup. It’s definitely a bug and not just on your end. Looks like you’ll have to use percentages instead of the index position to get around it. I can confirm that works without issue, even after the flaps have gone into their negative position and screwed up the index values.

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