Flaps keep returning to no flaps

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


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On every aircraft (except FBW A320), when you select any flap setting, it immediately goes back to Flaps 0.

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Load aircraft, press F7 to increase flaps. Flaps setting immediately returns to 0 Flaps

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Do you have any kind of assistance turned on? Classic symptom…


You either have an assist on or key/axis/button mapping incorrect. Maybe both, buts it’s those you need to check.

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Weird behaviour with controls happens when you have multiple buttons / axis programmed to do same action. MSFS borks when thats the case.

1 button doing multiple actions in MSFS = ok
2 buttons doing same action in MSFS = Borking ( 1 button AND axis = also Borking )

It was assist settings which I never use, but they seemed to change once I installed SU9 beta.

Issue is now resolved.

Thanks for your help.


Flaps returning to zero happens to me all the time on every default aircraft. I never adjust my assist settings. Any suggestions?

I’d look closely at your bindings. You might want to check all your input devices for conflicts. I once had the same issue and after looking at everything, I realized I had set a switch on my throttle to control the flaps. I later decided to use a button on my joystick, and later had the same problem. I had apparently hit the throttle switch and moved it into the “flaps up” position, and it was sending out a constant signal so that no matter how I tried to lower the flaps they would just go back up as soon as I released the button on the joystick.
Hope you resolve the issue.