Flat buildings in Atlantic City, New Jersey

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No, I’m just using the normal mode.

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When flying over/to Atlantic City, New Jersey, (which has many medium-tall skyscrapers) the buildings do not load correctly and are only ~1 story tall. When flying in other small cities this doesn’t seem to happen, so I’m guessing it is an error of the procedural building generator. (Or the realistic models aren’t loading right?)

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Just load in MSFS 2020, go to the barrier island of Atlantic City NJ (northern end especially), see how the skyscrapers are flat on the ground.

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Not relevant, I can run cities like NYC and Boston well.

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All versions.

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Atlantic City doesn’t have photogrammetry yet in msfs, so it’s all just auto-gen. I use this,

I haven’t tried this ocean city, but the rest of this I use.

FYI, the payware mod “Bijan’s Islands and Boats”, when you buy a copy you are allowed to send your order number to Bijan and request one small area of the sim for improvements. I selected Cape May, and he added some docks and boats in the marinas. Cool business model, you benefit from your request and everyone else’s too.

Forgot to mention, “We Love VFR”. It adds radio towers, working smoke stacks, nuclear plant cooling towers. It adds the Hope Creek NPP cooling tower to this area, for example.