Flat scenery after takeoff

Once I takeoff from any airport in the USA the ground textures, building and trees can’t keep up with my plane. Starting about 2 miles out and then…flat until i land and wait for 10 minutes. I have tried EVERYTHING. I got a low end system that used to run its just fine on high settings for years. Here are my computer specs…Intel(R) Core™ i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz with 16gb of installed ram. My graphics card is a GeForce GTX 1016 6gb. I also got a Toshiba TV running it at 1920 1080 60Hz. My internet speed is 813.1 mbps download with 0.006mbps upload. I removed all 3rd party addons. Pretty much removing the whole community folder. I have uninstalled the sim twice, Once through steam and one removing the MAIN folder making the install 99GB. I have a 20ft eathernet cable running to the modem in another room. I have downgraded to older graphics card updates. Updated windows, ran the SU10beta before this update came out. Still this update is 100% no good for me. My current data consumption IN THE SIM is over 410gb+ and will never reset regardless what my settings are at. My sim settings are at Medium. I also dusted my computer well today. When the sim is running, in my Control panel my GPU and CPU are MAXED out. Again…the sim was working just fine for years until the first few days of August. I already have looked on the flight sim fourms for fixes. I have tried them ALL. Hours of hours of searching and still coming up dry. I was thinking of just moving to a new sim and junking this but I simply can’t. Put alot of time and money into this and cant just give up. But i’m at a dead end now. ALL i need are the lights to be turned on by someone.

Yes. Thats the data consumption.

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