FLAT SPINS possible?

Hello community, I have a quick question. Why are flat spins currently not possible?

No problems in spinning the DR400 and other aircraft.

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Because deliberate spins are not permitted by the manufacturer in most cases unless the aeroplane is rated for them.

If you want the ultimate spin experience put on your VR headset, jump into X-Plane, and spin something like the Marchetti. That’ll scare the bejaysus outta you.

? Both, the 152 and 172 are certified for spinning.
Btw, that’s one of the advantages of using a simulator. You can try things you wouldn’t IRL.
When did x-plane improve the spin dynamics? That used to be one of the weak points.

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Im a German PPL Pilot and have already done spins in a C172. The example with the Robin is only intended to make it clear that it doesn’t work in FS2020. Even with the extra, where spins are no problem at all.

@PZL104 could you make a video or describe how you get into a spin. At Vs full backstick and rudder doesn’t work for me on any plane. On the contrary, the aircraft stabilizes immediately after one turn.

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DR400: Level flight, idle, at ~85km/h (stall buffeting starts) pull the stick fully aft and apply full left rudder.
Immediate and quite violent spin entry. Similar to the real one.
More hesistant to get her spinning to the right

edit: similar with the Extra, full aft stick at ~45kts, followed by full left rudder

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I’ve never done a spin in a real Robin, but this looks legit judging by the above video.

But this is not an accelerated flat spin. And as soon as you let hands of the control, the plane recovers itself immediately.

@PZL104 but you have to hold the inputs. And even if you hold it, the plane recovers itself in about 1000 '. It is not possible to get into accelerated flat spin in every case as it should actually be possible.

Yes, I noticed that the instructor in the real world video demonstrated that even letting go of the stick doesn’t result in a recovery and that this is not the case in the simulator. Am I right to assume that this is because of the aerodynamic forces pinning the control surfaces into a position that holds the spin?

Edit: Also, stick neutral stops the turning in the sim, whereas in the real world video, only opposite rudder seems to help.

It’s doesn’t immediately recover in my case and she definitely doesn’t recover with pro spin controls applied.
Most GA aircraft recover by simply releasing the controls, with the application of recovery controls you are usually just accelerating the recovery.
Why should any aircraft be able to enter a flat spin (at idle) if the CG is within limits?
IF the CG is so far aft that the aircraft spins flat, chances are that it doesn’t recover at all. Regardless of the applied recovery controls.

Yes, you are right, with most aircraft it is easier to go into a flat spin with CG aft, and some like c150-2 is near impossible. But what we experienced in FS is just a steep spiral. So far I have not been able to achieve a flight condition where the laminar air flow breaks. This can also be seen well on the IAS because this is not stabilizes and increases with every turn until the aircraft stabilizes itself. My intention was only to find out how it is even possible to get into a flat spin in the FS. And even with your video it’s just a steep spiral! The example video of the Robin should only illustrate how to get into a flat spin and what it should look like. It is certainly not the same for every aircraft! But a stable flatspin in several planes is possible also with a CG in limit! Oh, and if the plane stabilizes by itself, you are not in a flat spin, your only in a steep spiral or spin which there is still some laminar flow!


In the posted video (which isn’t mine) we can’t tell if there was any aileron used as well. Difficult to tell, but the spin does look differentt than in my tests.
I don’t know why you insist on flat spins, it’s about normal stable spins.

I’ve managed to stall the 172 into a spin and struggled to recover it with full rudder / full power / pulling and turning yoke.

A few times I failed and crashed. (began stall at 6,000ft) So it certainly doesn’t recover itself, in my case.

@PeanutJungle29 can you make a video of it? And did you use the Modern Flightmodel?

I could try, Not sure if my PC would handle the sim plus OBS recording at the same time but yes I used the Modern flight model and while I have flown a 172 in real life, I’ve never stalled one in real life, but from Youtube videos it looks to stall very realistically (going off what comparisons can be made from Youtube videos…)

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@PeanutJungle29 yes, stalling is realistic for GA planes in fs2020, but develop in an accelerated flat spin is not possible “for me” that why im asking :slight_smile:

@steffenjung1121 yes you are right! that is my problem with the FS

And guys please understand the difference between a UPRIGHT SPINS and a FLAT SPINS see Link above. To the question why I am interested and why I want to try it out in the FS. Quite simply, the developers are talking about a realistic flight model. And the best way to find it out is in the area of low-speed flights in the area of stalls and whether it is possible to create a flat spin. As this entails a high degree of airflow calculation. Laminar Research only managed to do this with xplane11 after a lot of work. But i works in Xplane 11! If someone is able to produce a flat spin in the FS, regardless of the aircraft, please upload a video here.

additional reason! it is fun