Flickering cockpit lighting

Has anyone else seen flickering cockpit lighting in aircraft like the Mooney, JF Arrow3 and Carenado Seminole. Sometimes it is OK, other times it fickers. The PC folks sent me a brand new GPU, and still doing the same thing. Must be something in the simulator.

Do you mean the panel/instrument lights, that illuminate the individual gauges? Yeah, I get those too. It is super annoying.
I get this mostly in the Semonile but I found out the C152 (community mod) has the same issue.
I am using a RTX 3090 GPU. It does not appear to a common issue since I haven’t found many complaints about this.

Yes, I had this cockpit lighting flicker on the Mooney, Arrow 3 and Seminole. I am getting a new Nividia GPU to replace the AMD GPU I have had all kinds of problems with. I will see if that cures the issue.

In my experience an Nvidia GPU won’t solve this problem, since I am using one. The fact that you have the same problem with an AMD GPU means that it is likely not a GPU driver problem.
It might be to do with DirectX 11, or a bug with MSFS itself.

Are you using TrackIR? TrackIR does not cause the problem IMO, but it makes it more noticable since you change the angle you look at the gauges continually when you move your head.

Hi, do you mean when you are in cockpit view or in showcase view? I get the glass cockpit lights flickering on the TBM when I am looking at it in the showcase view - no problems when in the cockpit.

I get this annoying flickering also at times. I can make it get worse or better by playing with graphics settings and direction of sun angle to the cockpit but its hard to entirely get rid of it (Nvidia GPU). For me it’s most noticeable on the Spitfire.

I use Track IR but I can that off and still get the flickering.

I get it too man also running 3090. Also I have seen the glitch on a 2080ti setup within the same planes. I have not flown the aircraft Riverrover mentioned but I get it in the ATR-72-600 and the ICON A5.

Perhaps things get solved when MSFS switches to DirectX12. I hope so at least.
The flickering only occurs when its dark, on surfaces that are illuminated by panel lights. In the Piper Seminole, there are multiple lightbulbs that each illuminate a small part of the panel. Its only the illuminated parts that flicker. It looks exactly as if all the (virtual) lightbulb have a loose connection, or there is a big power drain.

The angle at which the panel is viewed makes the issue more noticable, or less. Bright lights outside the aicraft, like ramp lights, increase the effect a lot.

That is exactly what I get when it happens, but it is intermittent. Sometimes I see flickering and other times, I don’t. It’s not the GPU, because that has been changed on my PC.

It’s the anti-aliasing, it’s just one more bug to add to the list in Flight Simulator, your GPU is fine.

Try switching your anti-aliasing options from TAA to DLAA

Thanks, yes it was the anti-aliasing. I found it only had an affect in some planes so I will adjust according to the plane. I also tried adjusting the settings from Nvidia control panel to see if it had an improvement, but the settings are overridden in game.

mine was a switch on my bravo for cabin lights.cLEARED THE BINDING JOB FIXED