4 Season Pack - Multi Season - Available on PC and Xbox [Archive 1]

I honestly haven’t checked but I’ll start the sim now and go there :slight_smile:

I just flew over Okinawa and there are indeed palm trees :slight_smile: I’m flying over Kauai now and it looks absolutely amazing :smiley: Are you going to be updating the rest of the Hawaiian islands as well? I need my Jurassic Park fix and it as filmed on Kauai and Maui :slight_smile:

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Big difference then before :slight_smile:
Yes, Maui is almost done. It turns out there are couple of Bamboo Forests in Maui so I am adding those too. I will have all Hawaii islands done like Kauai.

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Hi Bijan - just wondering, as I’m now moved over to using the ‘All Summer Everywhere’ pack (which is a separate purchase to 4-Seasons) are you going to keep that one updated, too?

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Not really,sorry. This flickering is gone If I deactivate your mod. I´ve tested it multiple times.

The flickering doesn’t happen on my end and I use the mod all the time.

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Sorry but that’s not true. Its known issue confirmed by Asobo.
In some areas you see it more than others, depending on amount and type of trees.

Here are a few reports after SU5 update:

There are tons of other reports all over.

Anyway. This is not a support forum as mentioned by moderators.


Hi… Yes that will get updated too. You can still use 3d model folder with summer only season.


None for me either. All good on my system.

Ok, I purchased your incredible mode few hours ago and flew in autumn in few countries (Switzerland, Hungary, British Columbia) and the results are incredible!

Just a question about Stewart, British Columbia.
There, all the trees surrounding the airport but also in the mountains have been replaced by small bushes.

In the deluxe version of fs2020, Stewart airport scenery is implemented and Google pictures from the real airort confirm the presence of conifer trees all around.

However in Vancover Island, where i also flew in the sim, those type of trees were present.

Is it possible to rectify the changes made in Stewart area?


Thank you for your feedback.
Based on the map here which is used by Asobo it says it’s a Tundra ecosystem: https://ecoregions.appspot.com/
But I checked Google and I see the website got it wrong. So you are right. So I will change it to pine trees in next update.
For further support please contact my email directly at bijanstudiola@gmail.com
Thank you again.


I have indeed the same sparkle on Sylvester pines in France in the Gironde and Landes department since update 6.04

  1. Is this mod have sakura petals in japan when spring come? Please show your most beautiful picture of it haha
  2. is this mod for sale in game marketplace?

There are sakura trees in Japan in Spring, but the petals aren’t flying all over the place lol You can only see them with the Spring N mod installed, also.

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Yes, Spring N, Fall South has Sakura.
Do not buy it from marketplace until it gets updated. The best deal is to get it from simmarket.

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Lol ok, must be beautiful if it can animate the sakura petal fall & fly by the wind all over xD

I see, actually the deal breaker for me is this mod have to be manually installed (manual change season folder if want to change season).
Manual change folder means i have to quit the game & re-run the game so the season folder can be applied & working(?)

Is in the future this mod can be able to automatically change season based on month all over world?

Right now that’s the only way to do manually. If you plan on flying in current season, you only need to copy the folder once every 3 months. You don’t need to do anything unless you want to change season on every flight.

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I have a pretty cool idea. As you are adding so many interesting tree species to specific locations, how about creating flight plans as part of the package to tour some of the locations?

I am aware we could do this ourselves but some of the locations where you have added custom trees are not necessarily easy to find and it would be a great way of showcasing your fantastic work as you add more locations and more tree species/3D models.

For example, I know where Joshua Tree National Park is on a map but it was hard to find it using the nearest airport. Eventually I did by guess work after almost giving up.

Anyway, just an idea. Keep up the good work!!


Aw c’mon give the guy a break! He’s already working all his spare time to give us great scenery and now you want him to do flight plans as well?

I’m sure there’s someone amongst his dedicated supporters who might like to take this on.


The easiest thing to do is going on Google Maps, getting the latitude and longitude of the specific place you want to fly by clicking on that point on the map, pasting that in the World Map in the sim and choosing it as the departure point and you’re already there. No flight plan necessary. That’s what I do all the time and I’m already in the air, too. Bijan doesn’t need to make flight plans when he’s already going above and beyond for this project of his. That’s quite frankly asking for too much when we’re all capable of finding these places on our own, especially with Google Maps and Bijan also usually gives the latitude and longitude of the 3D trees he’s added in the notes of the mod.