New User - Pulsing / flickering issue

I finally got my High speed connection, so I’m just now putting MSFS through it’s paces, but immediately have a issue. During actual game play, the scenery pulses/ flickers. I see older reports of this, but watching YouTube clips I see another issue. What people call flickering, is not what I see! The clips people posted show something more like static, What I see is this

At 3 to 5 times per second I get a brightness change withing the scenery, Like the brightness is pulsing? Don’t see it during menus, only during simulation. I don;t see this in other games either.

I’ve updated my drivers as well as MSFS? Most settings are on high.

I using a 55" 4K TV at 60hz and full rez.
I have a high end I9 computer with 2080TI

Only time I’ve seen anything like that on my Monitor is if I try to use Freesync. If I set my monitor at it’s lowest refresh rate of 60Hz and the game cannot maintain 60fps then I get flickering.

I just turn off freesync for MSFS as there’s currently no way my system is going to always be able to maintain 60fps.

I realise you are using a TV so are unlikely to be using Freesync/Gsync but it might be worth trying your TV at 30Hz refresh rate if that’s an option.
I know you probably don’t want to use it below 60 but if the flickering goes away you will know what your problem is.

I suggest you turn off dynamic contrast on your tv

Were is the 30hz setting? in the TV? couoldn’t find it.

While looking for it I did see dynamic contrast, and had the same idea, but no dice! What else could it be?

BTW, the pulsing is not seen within the cockpit, only outside the windows, on the ground. Not all parts of the ground pulse and the pulsing can change to different areas of ground!

Can you post a short video ? You can use XBox tools for that… for me it’s Windows key - Alt - G.

And have you tried ingame General Settings / VSync On with a frame rate limit of 20 or 30 ? What happens to the flickering then ? Also make sure the anti-aliasing is on TAA.

I have the same problem, it happens at every airport. Does it look something like this?

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