Graphical issues relating to lights - Artefacts and Flickering


Since SU5 i’ve noticed that all lights which shine on a surface (ground or aircraft fuselage) produce some strange artefacts and flicker relentlessly. I’ve attached some screenshots. Nothing wrong with my GPU which has been tested in other games where i cannot replicate the issue.

Any ideas?

In addition, sometimes it happens like this: (Lights after landing)

I have the same artefacts. Only a few people were complaining about it in other threads. Hope it will be recognized by the devs. It gets worse over time. In the beginning of a flight, I don’t have artefacts. But later, I do. Especially when I’m panning the camera around.

Similar issue can be found in this thread: Glitchy Pixels at top of screen - Bugs & Issues / Install, Performance & Graphics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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I can confirm I get this too. If I land at night then I get weird blocks and flickering around the screen.

I have artefacts coming off light stands as I move past them, and any moving vehicles such as an aircraft flying over the airport. I can’t see it in clear weather with Blue skies but any cloud highlights the issue. I notice it a lot at EDDF Frankfurt which came with the Premium edition of MSFS.

I’m now getting artefacts after latest update. Worse when you pan around. I dont think it’s the GPU as ive tested it with other games. It’s unplayable just at this moment.

Yep, same here, terrible at certain airports (LEMD) for one is bad on my PC, aircraft flying overhead are all chucking the luggage from the hold, no, they are, you can see it trailing at the rear of the plane :slight_smile:


Issue still present after SU6. Developers are clearly not aware of this.

some other samples

RTX 3080 with lates nvidia driver
i7 9700K
16GB ram
Crucial SATA SSD 500GB
no livery
EDLP Aerosoft scenery

Download Nvidia drivers v466.77

Uninstall Nvidia drivers and restart PC.
Install 466.77 drivers and restart PC.