Area where lights would shine are pixelated

Hey simmers,

I’ve had this for a while now and tweaked some settings to see if I could fix it, but no.
Areas where lights would shine or flash are extremely pixelated. Referring to the example, areas where the taxi light shine is patchy. The same occurs on the beacon, strobe etc.
Any ideas?

Noticed the same today, probably another “goodie” from SU5. Btw: you can vote for your own topic.

Edit: It’s been reported in another thread, and according to that rolling back the NVidia driver to 466.77 solved the issue. Should be reported via Zendesk though.

And another thread, although without solution:

SU5 and its graphic issues:

and light related

All of these seem to have in common, that the cure consists in reverting to an outdated graphics driver (NVidia 466.77), so I assume the cause of the issues is also similar. As the discussion is pretty scattered all over the forums, maybe it’s worth consolidating them, expecially with regards to reports for the development team.

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Hi Tom, thanks for taking the time to reply in detail. Il check this out and roll back the drivers…

Nvidia 472.12 works fine for me. Had also problems with 471.xx