All Aircraft External Lighting Flickering

When viewing external lights of any aircraft, they flicker and appear blocky. Lights flicker and appear blocky from both inside and outside the aircraft. Issue is with every aircraft. Issue appeared after SU5.


Flickering blocky lights video

Load up any plane, turn on exterior lights and the area illuminated appears blocky and flickers.

i7-10700KF CPU @ 3.80GHz
32GB Ram
RTX 3070

Started noticing the issue after SU5

I’m using Microsoft store version

I’ve got the same issue, would be interesting to know of a solution.

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Same issue. All external lights are flickering on ALL aircraft landing lights are flickering on the runway.


@BKocsis @MilitaryTax7501 I’ve managed to fix the issue. Basically delete all folders in “C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SimObjects” apart from “Airplanes” folder.

Not sure if it’s the same path for MsStore version.


Thank you!
@PilotUlas I don’t know how did you find out but you are awesome! :+1:
Never thought this could affect the light issue.

And this is the folder location for the MS Store version.
Delete all folders in
apart from “Airplanes” folder.


Seems like at least for FBW the light issue returns after few flights. So only thing I can think of is to delete everything on the folder before each flight until there is a permanent fix.

There is no folder called “Airplanes” in my LocalCache\SimObjects folder, but there are folders for ever aircraft I’ve ever touched in the sim. These each contain one “state.cfg” that holds airframe and engine times. Deleting those would reset all accumulated hours back to zero.

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At least for me deleting those is the only way to fix the aircraft lights. If you are thinking about losing your hours on the logbook and profile, it doesn’t delete those I’ve just checked.

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Thanks @PilotUlas for identifying a fix.

I deleted the FBW A320 from my content manager. I did not delete any of the folders from my Simobjects folder.

After a restart of the sim, that seems to have done the trick for me. I’ll do a little more testing soon.

I noticed the FBW team tweeted that they were removing the FBW a320 from the marketplace until they work out SU5 issues. That likely is having an impact. Hopefully they get an update soon.


I only see the square lights when it’s raining, but they need to fix this.

Voted on this

Nice update :man_facepalming:


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Strangely, I don’t have any problem with external light effects with the beautiful DC6 from PMDG :


Tried to delete everything in the simobject folders, but the light flickering issue is still present.

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Same here, but mainly I fly the fbw a320 and everything works fine at the beginning of the flight. At approach phase however the flickering starts. And as soon as the lights starts to flicker and I chose another airplane the flickering is migrated over. I am wondering if this is just a fbw a320 bug since not many people complaining about this issue :slight_smile:


Io ho risolto aggiornando i driver della mia scheda video.

Same issue here too!

Deleted everything in folder, looked to resolve it then it came back on approach captain SIM 777-300

I’m experiencing same. FBW A320, flickering and blocky artefacts on taxi and tail lights, in my case.

I wondered if it had anything to do with switching raytracing=1 in the UserCfg.opt file. I know a lot of us tweaked this file after SU5, myself included, but after SU5++ this is the only tweak I’ve got left in there beyond default.

Runing default Ultra, RTX3080Ti, Ryzen 5900x, in case that’s relevant… Nvidia CP at default, except Prefer Max Performance and FPS limited to 95 (Just below refresh rate of 3440x1440 monitor)

I made a post about my findings here…

Try to turn off these settings;

At least it works for me…