Flight Analysis

One of the things I liked in previous sims was the ability to have flight analysis.
For example, doing circuits and seeing the ground track and airspeed. Similarly, when doing VFR, planned track vs actual track.

Landing analysis.

The list goes on.

Is there no way to see how a flight went after ending? It seems reasonable to me that I should be able to see a sort of results screen at the end of the flight showing a flight path, altitude tracking, and some t basic stats of the flight that I just completed at a minimum.


I’ve just started circuits in my PPL training and my pattern shapes are terrible and my landings are terrible. It would be nice if I there is a debriefing function where the game would record your flight path, factors affecting flight such as wind, turbulence, temperature, pressure changes, load factors, approaching air masses, etc. and presenting it to us in TACVIEW like we have in DCS. It’ll be almost like having a CFI next to you

Greetings everyone,
I’d like to ask if there is any sort of flight path analysis tool buried in MSFS2020; in Flight Simulator X you could analyze you vertical and horizontal profiles, and it was really an effective tool during IFR flying sessions, for example.
I think this could be a simple and powerful tool to add. What are your thought about it?

Have a great flight,


how about

Hi aprodigyyy,
Thanks for the feedback. I stumbled Upon this app while looking for an alternative and It seems really a great tool!
But I think that a 60€ software that claims to be a simulator should have a basic versione of It at least!
But maybe I’m being peaky :slight_smile:


Do we have 3D flight trail recording feature in training program? Like the one showing in fly pattern loading section? It will be very helpful for us to see what we did wrong.

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Does anyone know if this new software has an option to see your ground track / flight path after your flight is complete? Like the old flight simulator,etc.

this was useful. It had ground track in white and also had an elevation profile too of your altitude changes

Thanks !

Not that I’ve seen. I would love this feature as well

This should be in the Wishlist subforum, it’s not a bug. (Mods took care of it :slight_smile:) I think what you’re asking about falls under the Replay System wishlist item. I’d suggest taking a look at that thread and Voting for it if it covers what you want, or adding a reply with your ideas if it doesn’t.

I do agree, I really want ground track tracing after the flight to see how well I flew my patterns. Without having it in the sim I’ve been using Little Nav Map which has that functionality built in.

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yes also for me ! i was used to the old FSX flight analysis map, very useful.
please bring this to FS2020. have not found this. kindly bring an analysis tool, we need to show this up in the middle of a flight or at the end !

Ability to analyze landing parameters like

  1. VLS
  2. Roll
  3. Other parameters

Check out MSFS Landing Inspector for that :slight_smile:

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I too would really like to see a flight analysis feature integrated into the sim like in the previous versions of MS Flight Simulator (so you can see how well you flew that circuit, DME arc, etc. and how well you intercepted and flew the glideslope).
The replay system wish thread seems to be dominated by people looking for the video replay function but I’m surprised more aren’t looking for the flight analysis feature.

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I am a new MSFS user and am using it for GA flight training. I would love to see this feature. This would be particularly helpful for simple exercises like flying the pattern with a strong wind and seeing if I can keep the pattern tight and straight.

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In the old FS2004 we had an option: Flight Analysis. This was great as it showed you on a map the track the flight you were doing. When doing approaches say an ILS on the map you would w=see the cone of the ILS and you can see how well you were executing the ILS. Also it showed yoou the vertical segment which shoed how well you kept altitude How well you were following and ILS etc. his is great for IFR pilots who want to improve.

Also on option: MAP, you were able to move your aircraft anywhere and start at that point. Any heading altitude. It showed all the VOR ILS frequencies when you zoomed in

Would be great to have tjat incoporated.

I think it was the very first version of Flight Unlimited which had a superb set of both vertical and horizontal plots for you to analyse your own flight. The emphasis of that sim was aerobatics, and even covered how much your tail waggled up and down during a “simple” 360 degree roll. It forced you to think about how all your control surfaces effectively change function as the plane rotates, so rudder becomes elevator at 90 degree rotation.
Anyway… I digress. For basic ground reference maneuvers, landings, straight and level flight, it would be great to see plots of your H & V position. Most forms of AI analysis are terrible. Give me the tools for me to analyse it myself.

I believe this handy feature from FSX has been mentioned before but not by itself. I realize there are add ons that try to do the same thing but they lack the features & simplicity in my book. In FSX only TWO keys (ESC & V) bring up the Flight Analysis screen. It includes the flight path with waypoints & a glide slope to review ILS approaches. A replay feature is also included with all tracking info such as altitude, speed & heading. IMHO this would be a valuable addition to MSFS.

You can use Volanta or SimToolkitPro. If you wanted 3D map, Volanta have it. Although I haven’t tried that myself.