Flight Control Mapping

I just installed the sim and I have done a little flying. I have noticed an issue with the flight controls. I have a Honeycomb Alpha yoke, Logitech throttle quadrant, and Thrust Master pedals. I make all the button/axis assignments and click “save and apply. “ The assignments work all before takeoff, but then I lose some in flight. Most notable losses are flaps, trim control, and brakes. The gauges in the heads up display respond to the control inputs, but the plane does not. Can someone help me with this issue? I really prefer to have flaps when I land. Thanks.

Sorry for the frustration! I had a problem right after installation with my Thrustmaster Brake bindings now wanting to save. I’ve got a couple of very unscientific suggestions you might want to try.

  • Did your custom bindings create a new Profile on each of your Controllers? In addition to the Default profile (which you can’t edit), you should have at least one new Profile on each Controller that you modified.
  • I know it sounds dumb, but have you exited the sim and maybe rebooted your computer? I’ve seen situations before where this can help get bindings to “stick”.
  • Are you running any external control software for your devices? The advice on this is somewhat mixed, but it has caused problems in some cases.

I also highly recommend the “official” Controls Guide. @OrigBullethead has put a lot of work into it!
[HOW TO] Use the Interface to Configure Your Controllers

If you don’t get any resolution, let us know and we’ll keep trying to help! Rick

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I will try those. Thank you.