Flight Events Toolbar is not visible in VR?

Works well without VR, in VR it’s not visible at all?

Did you press TAB to activate it? It is invisible by default in VR.

I mean I activated the toolbar with TAB, and selected the flight events map, and the littlanavmap, but neither shows up in VR.

I see.
Please try the following:

  • In the rightmost icon (the gear), select “Reset Panels”.
  • The screen may freeze for a very tiny brief moment.
  • Then, try to open one of the map you want.

It may be related with the map resolution bug where content is low-res in VR when your MSFS window is not large on the desktop.

Also, If you played in non-VR previously and have two monitors, make sure you bring the panels on the main monitor and try again in VR.

I saw some people reporting this.

thanks! At the end I think they just simply don’t work with VR.
So if anyone wants a map in Vr use Vfrmap and install the toolbar plugin and voila, there is a map in VR

If you’re talking about the native VFR map and events, yes, they do normally work in VR.
For the record, do you have and AMD or nVidia GPU? And which driver version?

First, thanks for giving this a go…

I tried it as well VR and using your instructions above to reset. It does not work in VR.

I have a RTX3090 and intel 9…HP Reverb G2.

When I press on the custom window button in the toolbar while in VR it just breaks the toolbar (freezes it). If I then Alt-Tab out of VR and into 2D, the map is open, the toolbar is working again.

Maybe that helps you discover the issue. If you do not have VR, and you want to try changes to the software and see what happens, I could possible help. Message me in the forum.

PS I have a single screen running when I tested it and the game is in full window at all times.

Did someone found a solution for this?

You have a broken installation

After last big update. my mouse is gone in VR. Even if I take off VR headset and un-minimize screen first click it just minimizes msfs screen again and mouse gone again. So frustrated all was great until last update.

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