Flight instrument overlay (as with external views) for inside cockpit views?

For aircraft without a HUD (most), where I zoom forward see the runway better during landing (therefore unable to see cockpit instruments/ FDU, is there a way to toggle the same flight instrument view on/off that we have on external camera views, so we can see the speed/altitude etc on the screen? If not this is on my wishlist.

if you have at least two monitors, hold Ctrl + LMB on Claskockpit. It may help.

I have three monitors but the cockpit is spread across them at 5760x1080 res? So I’m not sure this would work (if I understood what “LMB” means which sorry I dont). Let me know if your solution would still apply though - thanks!

Left mouse button

Thanks but nothing doing.

Have you zendesked this?

I did not because it is more wishlisr than a bug. There are other more substantial threads about the same thing here’s hoping they do it at some point.