Flight plan altitude constraints and ATC


I create a flight plan on world map, and when flying in a320, I switch on the constraints button which shows the correct altitudes to be at each waypoint, problem is ATC keeps telling to go much higher than some of the altitudes on the flight plan shown on MDU.

Should I be following the constraint altitudes on the flight plan shown on the display in pink or follow ATC instructions?


ATC is bugged. The constraint data is mostly correct. To be certain you would have to compare with eg Navigraph/Jeppesen charts.

However ATC in general can assign you different altitudes and speeds and therefore overwriting the published constraints. Often the maps read „unless advised otherwise by ATC“.

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I see, ok I will go by the flight plan constraints from now on.

Is this a new bug with ATC altitude or something thats just not been fixed yet, only issue I now have is getting constant altitude prompts from ATC if I follow the flight plan altitudes instead.

I could turn it off but I like atc on for immersion.

Since the beginning there were always bugs in the atc. Sometimes it worked, sometimes you should climb to fl280 short before the glideslope.
I fly also via navigraph. More realistic.

It is a matter of taste if one regards bugged ATC as immersive.

If you can … get into Vatsim or Ivao. Much more immersive for my liking.

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In real life, ATC will clear you for a departure, arrival or approach procedure which means you will have to adhere to any restrictions present. If ATC clears you to a different altitude than that published, this should take priority over the altitude restriction and you should delete this constraint from the flight plan in order to continue using managed mode / VNAV. You could be either unrestricted completely or still need to climb / descent “via” the published procedure for the remainder if the waypoints.

Not sure how it is in MSFS, I noticed the built-in ATC clears you for every new altitude and speed restriction step by step, which isn’t how its done in real life as they are part of the procedure you are cleared for. Usually those restrictions are “at or above” which means if you fly a 3 degree descent path all the way to the FAF or FAP or climb using a normal rate in a departure situation you won’t “hit” any of those before reaching the ATC cleared altitude. I know in the London FIR there are some airports with departures or arrivals were they keep you low during departure or descent early and then fly level (“at” or “at or below”) to avoid other airspaces.

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Good info, but going by comments it does sound like ATC is bugged with the altitude changes. I will have to try another IFR short flight some time and follow ATC instructions to see how it goes.

If you fly a continuous descent you should be continuously above those altitude given by ATC all the way to the final approach fix / point.