Flight plan creation?

I must be stupid or something. How and where, exactly, do I create a new flight plan? I keep seeing that I can load and save them at the bottom of the Flight creation screen, but I only have the Load option available. Can someone please walk me through the process? Searching the forums doesn’t show me anything useful.

When you click on the World Map, you can zoom in and see Airports to start and arrive at. Select them by right clicking on the ones you want and pick Arrival or Destination. The route will be drawn automatically.

That’s just a very basic plan. Plenty more to do in there,but that should get you started!

Thanks. That at least gives me a place to begin. Can you tell me the difference between saving it as a flight or a plan?

A Plan (PLN) can be reused as many times as you like. It’s a template for travel.

When in the middle of flying, you can save the Flight (with limitations) as an FLT. All things considered, when you reload it, you back in the Cockpit exactly where you were when you left.

Clear and simple explanation. Thank you very much.

Also when you save a FLT. file on the worldmap weather and selected aircraft are saved as well and can not be changed when reloading.

Whereas a PLN. file on the worldmap only saves the planned route.

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