Flight plan functionality

This is a feature request of sorts… I know that one can load a flightplan into MSFS 2020 and fly it with all of the fixes and navigational gps points, if you load the flightplan before the flight begins, but I think it would be neat if MSFS 2020 gave the option to store and save, and even enter a flightplan from Simbrief into the sim after the official start of the sim session.

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Part of the reason I’d like this feature is because I fly on Vatsim occasionally (which MSFS 2020 does a fantastic job doing btw), but after I had already filed my flightplan, clearance delivery modified my flightplan that was already loaded into the sim “as is.” It was a struggle to get the new fixes inserted “into the box” … it was doable, but I think this feature could be improved?

Yes, makes for better utility.
Why not raise this in the wishlist category so as we can all actively vote for this!

I will do that. Darn, now I need to figure out a concise way to say all of this haha

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Wishlist entry done. Vote here: Flightplan functionality - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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It is about time this is brought to the front of the line.

Doing all of the minute pre-flight, and get assigned another runway and not being able to put in the departure without it screwing up the flight plan, is getting a bit tiresome.

Also, alternates, changes to flight plans while enroute, and a host of other things. It is time to move this fly-around VFR game towards the simulator side of the equation.

Good post!

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It is possible to load a flight plan while in flight. ESC to the ESC menu. Select Load. A file selection window opens displaying only .flt (flight files). Type in . for the file name and press enter. All the files including .pln (flight plan) files are listed. Select the flight plan file to load and press enter. Done.

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This is good to know, and good material for perhaps how Microsoft can move forward functionality-wise. Perhaps some of the starting material for enhancing the flightplanning abilities will lie in not having to pause (ESC menu) to load a new flight plan. In the mean time, this is good to know, like I said. I think Garmin’s have the ability to load flightplan’s direct from a storage database screen; this wouldn’t be a bad starting place (have the esc screen be shunted into a storage screen as far as loading flight plans).
Midflight loading is a good capability. I’ve noticed that when I want to do a dark start, it wasn’t too intuitive to be able to choose a parking spot and not have the flightplan go a bit wonkers… I did realize the space above in the selection screen where this can be sort of avoided.
The day I did have trouble with the flightplan when the controller amended my departure, I was able to, like I said, “insert before” other waypoints that didn’t line up anylonger. (The start of that flight though, I was afraid of the feature where the flightplan seemed to load only with an engine’s running, on the active runway situation, and had taxied off of the runway and into a parking space before connecting to VATSIM… )
So, making sure sim logic can “know” that I simply want to load a flightplan regardless of my position is another buttress in this improvement process.


If we all voted in the same place, maybe someone would take the request seriously.


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