Flight problem altitude

I fly only on vatsim. After install latest hotfix SAT ISA temp work fine (show correct temp) but… on VATSIM (vatspy or any other app to track flight) it show higer altitude = for example in 748 with saly modl i set FL330. On map.vatsim.net or vatspy it show … 34300 ft (approx 1300ft higher then i set).
I make small test and turn off real weather and use preset. It show approx fl330 - so ok.
I make 3rd test. Turn on REX Weather system - it show weather and… 500ft over set FL.

So- where is problem? I see that still have some problem with weather/alt on MSFS with users who fly online. 100ft, 300ft is not problem but 1300ft alt diffrence can be problem.

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