Flight sim credits question

I have bought 2 items from the store for flight sim on X box series X - one worth 032 flight sim credits and the other one 066 flight sim credits

That’s a total of 098 flight sim credits

My question is what are flight sim credits and how do they work ?

Can I know buy items from the store using my 098 flight sim credits - and not buying items by paying out of my real money ?

How does it work - and if this is correct - how do I purchase items using my flight sim credits ?

Not sure how this works, and if someone can explain it to me that will be great


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This thread explains a lot.

I have read this but still not sure how it works

I have 98 flight sim credits

The items in the store are listed as value of £5, £10 , £15 etc to buy. Not sure they are listed with a flight sim credit value

If I can buy something in the store with my flight sim credits - and not with my real money - how do I do it ?

If I click on the buy and download button - it takes my to my payment page to buy the item with my real money - not sure if there is an option to buy and download the item using flight sim credits

Also if you buy an item from the store it only has a monetary price like £15, and no flight sim value listed for it

If anyone can help I would be grateful

Once you go to purchase it will show the conversion. The first option purchases the credits needed for your cart then they offer additional credit purchases. I’ve never had extra so I’m not sure how that shows up.

Yes - but items in the store have only real money values like £5 and £10

I can’t see how I can buy items using my flight sim credits - the items in store don’t have a flight sim credit equivalent - and there is no option to buy using flight sim credits

When you buy items from the store you can only do so using real money from your credit card

I think flight sim credits allow you to buy items in the store using the credits - and not using your real money ( think that’s how it works )

If this is not correct - what are the flight sim credits used for ?

I have the steam version. So when I get redirected to the steam store, I purchase flight sim credits from steam, then it sends me back to the market place where I complete the purchase.

Steam seems to know how many credits I need for the purchase, so that’s filled out as the first option.

It’s a weird system, we should be able to see the exchange rates or credits easier than we can.

Unfortunately, I don’t have unused credits to experiment with. Have you tried going further down the purchase path to see if it picks up your balance? I’d guess EUR and USD would be different.

PayPal for 3rd party stores is much more straight forward.

someone along the development process thought an in-game currency sounds better than using real world money. Only someone forgot to change the marketplace prices to the in-game currency prices. Maybe it was intentional because someone else decided they’d have a bigger customer service headache for having to explain x amount of dollars = x amount of credits. Maybe in the future they will let us purchase credits to purchase DLC (credits that we purchased using real world money).

TLDR: they’re not used for anything except confusing people like you and me :slight_smile:

This is reason number 22 why I will not buy from the marketplace. All I ever need is 1 reason, and I’m given so many reasons; very much appreciated, makes for easy decisions that take less than a second.

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OK- looks like I have to pay with real money to get stuff from the store

Flight sim credits give you the idea that you can use credits to get items from the store - but this is not the case it seems

I don’t mind the credits process vs money thing, as it allows a single price across currencies, and with currencies changing in value all the time, I imagine that helps.

What I can’t stand is they don’t track what you purchased and you can’t get a receipt for it. Nope. Not doing it.


So just to confirm you have to pay real money to get stuff off the store?

Yes, you have to pay real money to get stuff at the store.

For instance, I use PayPal, I get a charge I route through PayPal for cash, and MS sends me a receipt that I just spent x game credits, and PayPal sends me a receipt for the money I spent for those credits. MS does NOT send a receipt that says anything about what I purchased, only that I purchased some game credits, and then the Marketplace says I own a product in the Marketplace (that was purchased with the game credits).

The problem is, some people have experienced corruptions of their purchases. MS can typically (but apparently not always) track how many credits you’ve spent if you can prove your purchases are gone, and will make those credits available again. Problem is, if you bought anything on sale, you may have to repurchase those items at full price to replace them. I haven’t experienced that myself, but I have read about those experiences. So I only purchase those items that are only available in the Marketplace from the Marketplace (i.e. Carenado products).

I bought some items of the store

I got an email saying 066 flight sim credits and been charged total of £13.74 - email from MS store for the purchase

I dont know why they say 066 flight sim credits - it gives you the impression that you can buy something from the store using the flight sim credits - without paying real money - but this is obviously not the case

Yeah, the whole “Flight Sim Credit” thing is terrible IMHO. It’s obfuscated behind multiple layers so there’s no real transaction record of what you bought.

In the case of Steam, you pay with cash, that’s converted to this virtual currency, and immediately consumed by MS for the product. So the only record you get from Steam is having purchased X number of credits. There’s no other record of your transaction. And if there’s a problem, it’s a fight with MS to get what you paid for since there’s really no trace of what you bought.

I have no issues with virtual currency. I’d be perfectly fine if products were listed in said credits in the marketplace, we could buy credits, and have a “wallet” that holds our balance. And of course, then we could have a proper record of transactions within the sim stating what we bought. MMOs and mobile games do this. I don’t know why they couldn’t implement this for MSFS as well. Otherwise, this whole virtual currency thing is a redundant layer that’s there for no reason other than obfuscation.

In any case, I hate this system. The only thing I’ll buy from the Marketplace now is Carenado planes due to their exclusivity deal with MS. Otherwise, I’d rather buy outside the marketplace and get updates for products as they’re released, not 4 months later. And with these places, I get an actual record of transaction telling me exactly what I bought.

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No, what it meant was you purchased 66 flight sim credits with your money, and those credits were used to pay for what you purchased. They aren’t credits on top of what you purchased, they are what you purchased. Purchasing those credits then gives you the right to use the DRM you wanted.

This is true even for items purchased in the Microsoft Store version.

It stinks. They should give you a receipt for the product you purchased. No ifs and or buts. Until they do that, plus for many other reasons, I avoid purchasing from the store.

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