Flight Sim Lounge

Hey Simmers, i’d would like to introduce “Flight Sim Lounge”, a new aspiring Community for all flight simmers from 13+ on, we welcome everyone, from amateur and expert up to real world pilots/ATC’s.

Flight Sim Lounge is a Discord Community founded by an Austrian (Mario-B92#6971) and Hungarian (SIMPLE MARK#0001) Flight Simmers, that wanted to create a Community where you can chill, and hang out with new friends, as well as to explore the wonderful world of FS2020 (and probably other Sims too) together.

We offer a clean Server with everything a flight simmer needs, from Voice Chats and “frequencies” over Bots that provide you with important infos for your flights to music bots, and a Virtual Airline.

We will host a broad range of Events as group flights, island hopping, bush flying and much more.

Come fly with us!

Servus :wink:

…and i can join how exactly? a link to the server would be nice, mate