Flight sim updates question

I have a question with updates on microsoft flight sim on series x

The first update for flight is what you get when you switch the series x on - before starting the game - this is a compulsory update I think - is that correct ?

The second update I have a query about is after you start flight sim. At the top menu, when you select profile followed by content manager - after this - you have a whole load of stuff that have updates frequently - examples are World Update 1 Japan, World Update 11 USA, World Update 111 United Kingdom & Ireland etc. Are these optional updates ?
What do you find you get extra after installing these updates. Not sure how this works and what your supposed to do. Do you only update the regions you are flying in and leave the rest ?

I would be grateful if you can provide advice on this. I update everything here all the time - is that what you are supposed to do. I am finding a lot of space is being taken up even on the series x by updating items all the time on the content manager

I only have Flight sim installed on the series x and the storage space used currently stands at 20.2 %

Many thanks for your help

hello, first, I’m on pc, but for update’s I think there is no big difference…
I’m no specialist, but I think for the first update you’re right, no skipping :slight_smile:
the other update’s in content manager are tweeks and update’s they made on previous world update’s and base sim, like little (?) changes on airports, planes etc… depending on what you originally installed, you can chose to install update or not… these updates are in background, I suppose you have no problem flying while in progress.
given you only run MSFS you should not have a problem of storage on your system…

Thanks for your reply. The second updates involve changes to scenery I think dependent on region. I think it might be a good idea not to update on here from now - as even though I am on series x and only have flight sim installed - because these updates are continously there all the time - GB of storage space is being used bit by bit and eventually I might run out as there seems no end in site to the updates in the content manager

I have less than 1 Tb installed on my computer and I have the full FSMS, full Xplane 11 (with some ortho) demo xplane 12, Cars 2, Forza horizon4 and forza motorsport, and some smaller stuff…
don’t think you should have a problem with space. (Xbox X is 1 Tb if I am correct)

Good morning vexed. Welcome to MSFS. Each person is differant RE: what you install. I have the XBox s. 512 gib hd. Only have the sim installed had more, not enough room. So uninstalled the others.
Until I get an external HD. Back to the updates, I’ve noticed the scenery is better, and sharper, crisper. Also depends on where you want to fly. I’m in Alaska
Also fly in the UK.
Gamertag is Gloomylake935.
My name is Rich

I have noticed that for the updates in the content manager - for say World update 11 - it gives you the option to uninstall what is already there and to install the update. Is that what you are supposed to do ?

I have just been updating and not uninstalling anything against World update 11 etc - maybe you are supposed to uninstall what is there and then update - but I am a bit worried about uninstalling anything in the content manager and overwriting with the update - as something might go wrong and not work in the way of the game - scenery graphics etc

Are you supposed to update and not uninstall the category you are updating like World update 11 or are you supposed to just update like I do and not uninstall anything ?

Since day 1 of MSFS never uninstalled something, only clicked on update when they where presented.
In my mind I hope that they make the update’s so that what must be replaced is replaced and the old is deleted in such a way that our machines are optimized. Until now I see no problem as the used space don’t get much bigger.
And yes, it is better (in my opinium) to do the updates, the guy’s behind MSFS really want this become better and better… (even if you can have an other impression if you read to much this forum :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the info. As I say I am on X box series x and have nothing else installed. My series x says 20 % storage space used up. So it should be OK to carrying on updating everything in the game for the content manager - all the world updates etc. and not to ever uninstall everything as I think what you are saying is that by updating the new updates, the previous data is overwritten and so less space is taken up by future updates

Its just I think i have gone from about 13 % of storage space used to now 20 % of storage space used up on series x so what my concern is with this trend of updates continuing I will eventually go past 50 % and my storage space will fall away fast with time

No, you don’t need to unistall any of old updates, they get overwritten!


OK - thanks - I will just update them and not uninstall anything. Hope space issues on series x are OK when I do this - and that my current 20 % on series x used up space does not get eaten up fast with all the future updates that I install

It shouldn’t. I have the XBox s. 512 go hd. MSFS is all I have on it at the moment. Going to get Seagate 2tb external hd for the system!


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