Flight Simulator 2020 on Xbox One?

If you were getting only 3 FPS with that system then something was seriously wrong. On a Phenom II X6 (which means similar IPC to the Jaguar APU) and at lower settings, a constant 30 FPS is attainable when the GPU is not the limit, and that’s with the current DirectX 11 version. I can’t imagine that a somewhat slower core clock but with two more cores would result in a tenfold decrease.

They said in a recent Q&A that the optimisations will benefit slower systems the most, so I wouldn’t rule out the chance of an Xbox One release yet. I don’t think it’s going to look too pretty on that system, but on the Xbox One X it could be a passable experience. I’m more worried about the loading times due to the HDD, but then they said that this is something they’re improving too.

Overall, my system’s configuration is very similar to the Xbox One. If somehow it is compatible with the DirectX 12 version, I’ll let you know how it goes!


Don’t know what to tell you, it was unplayably slow until I replaced the dual Xeon E5520s with a Ryzen 3700X. That’s a fact. (They do, however, predate the Xbox One’s APU and it’s an Intel, not an AMD, CPU, so shrug.)

(Another thing that might have contributed to my bad performance: Phenom II and presumably Xbox One support additional AMD-specific vector instructions that the Xeon E5520 doesn’t, which MSFS may or may not be able to use. Many newer Intel and AMD CPUs support even newer vector instructions which are preferable, but it’s possible there’s a boost there on older AMDs. Also, I’m not actually sure how IPC compares between these two processors, as the Xeon is a couple years older and might be a generation back.)

Do you have an actual Phenom II-based system to benchmark with? Any example measurements? I’m curious! :slight_smile:

Whoops I see you do! Looking forward to your results when DX12 hits. :smiley:

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Thanks for the information! Indeed, I’m still using my decade-old system while some parts of my new build are stuck in a frustratingly long RMA process.

I did a quick check on your CPU and it seems that single-threaded performance is very close to mine despite the slower clock speed, which means its IPC should be quite a bit higher than the Jaguar cores. I guess you are right that it had to do with instruction sets. All I know is that the Phenom II does not support SSE4.1 and AVX, a problem with many newer games and especially DirectX 12, and one of the reasons I’m worried about compatibility after Sim Update 5 (the other being my GPU not supporting Direct3D feature level 12_0).

So the chances that I’ll still be able to play the simulator after this update are extremely slim, but if somehow it is still compatible, I’ll make sure to tell you about any potential performance benefits!


The official word is that it’s not out of the question, but they don’t yet know if it’s possible themselves.

At least, this was the official word a couple of months ago, and has not been updated.


Looking at the hardware limitations and considering that MS/Asobo would be busy handling yet another platform, I really hope they don’t release it for Xbox One. Don’t get me wrong, I would be happy if you could enjoy MSFS on Xbox One. But as said above…

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Today, we can share that Microsoft Flight Simulator will take flight on the Xbox Series


on July 27 and will be included with Xbox Game Pass. Simmers on Xbox Series X|S
can pre-order and pre-install the experience now and expect the same level of depth as the PC version, with the most authentic and realistic flight simulator we have ever created.

Source https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/microsoft-flight-simulator-xbox-release-date-and-top-gun-maverick-expansion-announced/409501


hope not. xbox one is weak, prehistoric technology


It’s not. Only on Xbox X and S

one S won’t run it. Only the X can possibly pull it off

They said during the SDK Q&A last month the had a team actively exploring porting it to XBOX One. They also said they had no idea if it would even be possible. But the idea is being explored. Whether we’ll see it or not is a totally different story, and we won’t know either way until MS make an announcement.

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I agree, it’d ruin the sim experience for those using Series X/S and PC since they’ll be using the same version. Though, I wouldn’t complain about optimization. I’m personally a PC player, definitely looking forward to the series X version

You can bet if they do manage to make it run on that old clunker that it’s going to be dumbed down so bad it won’t even be the same thing. Honestly, I hope they don’t cheapen their product like that.

I don’t think the existence of low-end machines running on low graphics settings nullifies the existence of higher visual quality settings as used on higher-end machines in any way.

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Why would they market it and sell it as working on the S if it won’t run it?

Why do you keep repeating this?

Maybe it won’t run per your expectations?

Not that I know anything about XBox, but, I’m just wondering where you’re coming from?

Not “possibly”…it “will”.

The Xbox One S and the Xbox Series S are different products.

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Oh. See, I know nothing about XBox :roll_eyes:
Why would they repeat a name? To confuse users?

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hehehe the naming scheme is … unfortunate :wink:

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“One s” I specifically put the one there so it doesn’t mix up the series s. (Edit: rephrased it in a nicer tone)

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What do to mean it will? There’s no confirmation, there hasn’t been news on the Xbox one series version of the game, only the series x/s