Flight simulator.exe - application error

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No mods, Community fie disabled

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At start of the sim after SU15 following message appears: Instruction on address 0x00007FF6DF30E020 refers to memory address 0x00007FF6DF30E020, operation " written" cannot be performed with the memory. Hit button “OK” o finish the game.
Fault code 0xc0000005

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Happens every time I attempt to start simulator

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NVIDIA , 552.44

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CPU Intel(R) i9-9900K; GPU RTX 2080TI

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After first start of simulator after SU15 (in fact, after download the update simulator failed to start)

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Have a look at all existing topics related to the “Fault code 0xc0000005”, maybe the solution is in one/some of them:

Thank you for various tips. I read them all, but except of the error code 0xc0000005, I haven´t foundt too much similarities. All post speak about crashes of running sim, but in my case sim just refuses to run. I have realised, that I have just downloaded mandatory changes, when this problem occured. Therefore I haven´t installed the full SU15. I was not aware of this, till I checked the files in the App.Data/MSFS Packages/Local

same here, impossible to start the sim. after 20 seconds (strarting/syncronizing) this message appears

Already updated xbox app
No clues
Please advice

I have tried everything to find solution. According to Event Viewer, the problem is application Microsoft simulator.exe. Is there any way to get uncorrupted application Microsoft simulator exe or some way to repair it ?

You can use the Xbox app and repair the sim install as shown below. After you click on the sim just click on the 3 dots to the right and then manage.

Thank you for the tip. I tried it, but everything remain the same. Game crashes with code
0xc0000005 with text: Application error

Next step I would recommend is to check for corrupt Windows files.

See this link to verify Win 11 files

I run DISM and then SFC, received message that corrupted files were found and repaired. Restarted computer, try start MSFS - the same problem. Any idea ?

Before retrying the sim after repairing the files did you reboot your computer? If the error persists then there is a possibility that there are deeper issues within Windows and a reinstall of Windows is probably needed.

As the problem is, according to Event viewer, MSFS.exe, do you think, that reinstallation of windows will help ?

I know you’ve already did a repair on the sim files and nothing was found and you can always remove then reinstall the sim if you have not done so already. If that doesn’t work ultimately I believe you’ll need to reinstall Win 11.

OK. I tried to avoid sim reinstallation, but now it seems the best option. Nevertheless, thank you for help

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