Flight Simulator Meets Google Earth View - 4K Incredible Colored Landscapes - Collection No. 1


Disregard previous comment… unrelated to Google Map Swap addon.
Beautiful imagery though.


I found in VR ‘Ambient occlusion’ even at Low, is what creates landscape depth (had it ‘off’ for ages).

If interested to fly to any of these locations, I added distances in the description.

Niafunke MALI (24 nm direct from GAGM heading 183)
Moab UTAH (17 nm direct from KCNY heading 159)
Sur Lipez BOLIVIA (42 nm direct from SCPE heading 58)
Kayenta ARIZONIA (9 nm direct from 0V7 heading 303)
Altay CHINA (142 nm direct from ZMBS heading 256)

I dont get it. Are you replacing bing with google?

No, just flying to the exact location to the photos you see in Google Earth View. Just cool to fly in the Simulator and see the same geography as the photo.

oh. ok. thanks for sharing.

For just casual browsing of the planet I use Google Earth VR. It’s not flight simulation but the view is fantastic. It also requires very little in GPU power. :slight_smile:


Yes, I have heard about it and I will give it a whirl!

Extraordinary! Well done to have located these

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Thanks! It is a lot of fun. There are some extraordinary images. This video barely reveals the uniqueness. Planning on doing many more as I get the whole process set up on a template for video editing purposes.

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