Flight Simulator Replay System Tutorial - Part ONE - Getting Started

Just uploaded part ONE. Working on part TWO!


Nice. Thank you.
Looking forward to a segment on Camera work.


Tutorial number TWO is published!

What is the difference between “Set Sequence Location” and pressing Stop? They both stop playback and put you in control of the plane. There must be more to it that I am not getting.

Set Sequence Location puts the plane in the correct geographical location at the beginning of the sequence. The best way to understand this is to do a flight and record a sequence when on the ground and record a sequence when in the air. Load and play the air sequence. Stop the sequence. Load the ground sequence and the plane will be in the air. Hit “Set Sequence Location” and the plane will be put back on the runway.

OK, so it’s kind of like “Restart from beginning” of the sequence that is loaded. It doesn’t automatically do that when you load another sequence? Thank you. I hope it will become more clear when I have more time to play with it.

You are correct!