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  • The Flight Simulator Thunderbirds are a group of like-minded virtual pilots who aim to emulate the precision flying capabilities of the US Air Force Thunderbirds. Our team is made up of twelve pilots and support personnel, all dedicated to replicating the famous Thunderbird demonstration. We fly together in Microsoft Flight Simulator several times each week as we work to inspire audiences around the world.


  • We aim to emulate the United States Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron to the best ability possible as determined by software and hardware limitations in the virtual arena. We also hope to inspire other flight simulator enthusiasts to pursue a virtual career in aerobatic aviation while demonstrating the pride, precision, professionalism, and lethality of today’s United States Air Force.


  • Our team currently utilizes a custom mod created by our team using a high quality flight model and fly-by-wire flight control system created specifically for the Flight Simulator Thunderbirds by Top Mach Studios, LLC. Top Mach Studios, LLC is owned & operated by @evanburnsdev, @Dakfly0219, and @AdamBurry.


  • With the inclusion of many high quality military aircraft addons, the Flight Simulator Thunderbirds host public formation flights on our discord roughly once every week with some of them being either hops and others being fun airshow performances done in formation. We also stream practices twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday nights, on Twitch.

  • If you would like to schedule an event, public affairs ride along (content creators, etc.), learn more about military or airshow aviation, etc - feel free to reach out to Chunky#7134 on Discord or email MSFSThunderbirds@gmail.com



Best wishes,
Zak “Chunky” P.
Commander / Leader
Flight Simulator Thunderbirds, LLC.


Awesome group of guys and a lot of skilled pilots!

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Post updated with new information and pictures, join us on Discord! We host formation group flights & learn to fly formation and aerobatics sessions!

Hop in our Discord for upcoming airshow events or if you would like to join our team!