Flight surfaces

Is there a way to control the plane as if it was FSX. I don’t like the new elevator/aileron controls. I switched pitch and roll to the mouse but its just so glitchy.

Hey @FaintChip531793! Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

You can switch to the old FSX flight model by selecting “Legacy” under Options > Flight Model. Hope this helps, happy flights!

It didnt make much of a difference. Its still super glitchy with the surface controls. It also doesnt use things like Ctrl + Y to switch between cursor and yoke. @wuper0737

Sorry to hear you’re still having troubles. To my knowledge, the legacy flight model should change how the aircraft reacts to various control inputs. It wouldn’t change the in-game graphics. Not all features and keybinds are the same as they were in FSX, thats not what Legacy does.

As @ymml mentioned below, I would recommend fiddling with the sensitivity and seeing what works best for you. Best of luck!

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It changes graphics not controls though. @wuper0737

Did you try adjusting the mouse sensitivity setting in the sim Controls menu? It’s 50% by default.

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Ill try that

The legacy flight model has nothing to do with the flight control issue. Just sayin. So far, have not heard of a fix for the flight controls. . .

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