Flight Tracker Streamdeck plugin/addon - how to uninstall?

Very basic question - I need to uninstall the Flight Tracker Streamdeck plugin/addon, as it is causing me PC problems (I may then reinstall it again to see if the problems persist).
I have spent some considerable time looking online and in the pdf guide and on github, but cannot see anywhere how to uninstall the thing.
Any guidance will be very much appreciated!
Regards, Alasdair (aka Flybasher…)

The Flight Tracker Plugin have to be desintalled in the StreamDeck application.
If you want to desinstall the Stream Deck application, it’s under Windows like any other program.

Click the icon to the left of the settings cog which opens the Streamdeck store, then click on plugins and look for the app in the list of apps. There will be an uninstall option for the plugin there :slight_smile: I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago :slight_smile:

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May I know what is the issue that you guys are having with the plugin?

Brilliant - thank you very much AndyDigital.

Kind regards, A (aka Flybasher…)

The problem was not persistent, but from time to time a small window would, seemingly randomly, open up which called itself “Flight Tracker Plugin” (or something similar) - this took me out of whatever program I was in at the time.
Sorry I can’t explain any better, but it became annoying, and I’m an ancient old ■■■■!
I may very well try reinstalling the Plugin in the future to see if the problem rears its ugly head again or not.
Regards, Alasdair (aka Flybasher…)

By issue I meant I didn’t know how to uninstall StreamDeck plugins, not an issue with Flight Tracker itself, I never actually used it in the end. Thx.

Oh it’s the tool tip. If you hover on the plugin icons on the system tray, it will show up and then go away.

I don’t know why it stuck randomly in the corner of the screen sometimes. Still trying to figure that out.

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Just uninstall the plugin in the Stream Deck app