Flight training course

I’m newbie to MS FS.
I’m looking for a good, step by step, understandable flight training course (better than that provided by the software) that start from basics.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance


I have been working on a Learn To Fly series for MSFS. A video on the basics of a traffic pattern was added today. There are plenty more videos on the playlist and more will be added as it is a work in progress. Straight and Level | Climbs | Turns | Descent | Standard Rate Turns | Adverse Yaw - YouTube


If you’re really looking to go in-depth, I know Vatsim offers training via Authorized Training Organizations (ATOs). I think it does require you to have a Vatsim account though, but it could net you a virtual PPL in the end!

There’s some info here: https://my.vatsim.net/pilots/atos/

I’m tempted to give it a try myself, so if anyone has any experiences to share, I’d love to hear it!

I’ve not well understood what kind of training are offered via ATOs

Howard Forder has his ‘how to fly an airplane’ courses on forderlearntofly.com for sale. I haven’t watched them though. He also taught Jayne (communitiy manager here in the forums) how to fly in a free weekly stream. I think the replays are still stored somewhere.

And then there’s the official faa handbook: https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/airplane_handbook


We’ve got you covered: www.fsacademy.co.uk

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Not training courses per se, but Pgatcomb and Alpha Hotel flight training on YouTube have an outstanding knowledge base for GA flight and ground school learnings. These accounts are a great wealth of knowledge that you can pull from and make your own training situations, best practices, and standard operating procedures. It will be worth your time, these accounts have made MSFS so much more immersive for me!


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Here’s a great training series from flightsim.to. It’s from a book about using flight sim, specifically FSX, for real world training which was very good. I have the book and always wished it would be updated for use with MSFS and this is basically what they’ve done. A lot of work has gone into this addon and it’s very detailed. Starts out very basic with sport pilot training and goes through private pilot, IFR training and commercial pilot training. Has a lot of documentation and illustrations also.

Highly recommended.