Flight training - I get to 6000ft, turning left, but I can't pass

I’m two days new into MSFS. Using a Logitech 310 gamepad while I wait for a control stick to arrive. I’ve wobbled my way through the flight training up until the “Consolidation” one (6?) where I need to climb to 6000ft while turning to a southerly heading.

The problem is - I do both of these, and it won’t clear my task list. Happily at 6000 - and travelling south - and eventually it just says I’ve flown out of the training space and it restarts me.

I can only assume I’m not doing something right. To climb, I increase throttle, and pull back slightly on the stick. And when I get to 6000 I drop the throttle, ease off, and set the trim to hold there. And this is all while turning left as instructed.

I’m going to re-do the whole training series when my stick arrives anyway, but I have been enjoying at least learning with the gamepad, and it’s a bit frustrating to get stuck here.


Yesterday out of nowhere i completed all training… stuff… just on keyboard and mouse…

It aint easy tbh… but it aint hard either.

Yeah, it isn’t tough to get through it - I just wish I knew what I was doing wrong on this 6000ft climb.