Flight Training - VFR Module - POIs Missing - Objectives Do Not Advance

I am new to MSFS and going through flight training. I am running SU12 on a new Xbox S with no special gimmicks or add-ons. I have done OK on the early modules, and have completed all exercises in the VFR module with scores of A and B.

However, I cannot get the First Solo Flight to work right. I take off from the Flagstaff airport, climb as instructed and turn back to fly over airport midpoint. There should be a POI showing the midpoint but it’s missing. The objective relating to this step never changes, meaning that I failed to meet the objective. I can fly the rest of the exercise but that objective remains and no new objectives appear. And the POIs for the golf course and Sedona airport midpoint do not appear.

I tried to modify the settings for POIs in the assistance settings but all I see is grayed out for training.

Does anyone have a good idea of what’s going on? TIA

Just to confirm, which solo flight?

Take Off & Landing>First Solo Flight
VFR Navigation>First Solo Navigation

The VFR Solo Flight. In the other exercises in the VFR module of training, the POIs and Objectives appear normally. It’s just in the VFR Solo Flight exercise that they don’t, and it prevents me from completing the flight properly.

Have you made sure you met all the objectives before going over the airport? Climb and maintain 75, get to and maintain 8500’, set cruise attitude, set 2300 RPM, and continue to maintain 8500’? Once all of those are green, the POI will then show up.

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@Habu2u2 Wow, you nailed it!!! I was more careful on my takeoff than in previous attempts (also took the advice in other posts to lean the mixture, turn off carb heater and climb slowly). I reached 8500 at 75 knots just about .5 NM from Pulliam, and the POI appeared! I flew the rest of the route doing the same thing - capturing each objective as I went along - and the POIs continued to appear. Overall, with some small mistakes, I got a B for the exercise. Pretty chuffed am I…and thankful to you!!

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Glad it worked out for you! Now on to the IFR training! :grinning::grinning:

Yeah, that…:scream:

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