FlightAware ATR 72-600 Not Matching AIG Air New Zealand Liveries

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Using live traffic and AIG liveries, monitoring Air New Zealand ATR 72-600 flights at NZAA, the liveries are ‘never’ match correctly to ‘ANY’ ATR 72-600. This has never worked to my knowledge for ANZ.

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As per the description. AIG & MSFS are latest builds.

Reported to AIG. there final response was: “Content installed by OCI is correct (icao airline and icao type), if the Sim does not match it even if FA is providing the correct data, it is a simulator issue. Best is to report this as a bug over at MSFS Forum”.

Attached screenshots show a flight on the 12th in FlightAware and the in-game live flight with incorrectly matched livery (not Air New Zealand).

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Has ‘never’ worked for all Air NZ ATR 72-600’s from what I can see.

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