Flightbeam KDEN addon and MSFS original Denver airport

Hi there,

I downloaded the Flightbeam Denver airport from MSFS marketplace. Landed in Denver for the first time. And I recognized that the taxiways are pretty bumpy (scenery looks good though). Now I wonder:

Do I have to uninstall/delete the orginial KDEN (MSFS prem deluxe version) or should I keep it just where it is??

Thanks for answers…

Yes, you need to delete the default package. No idea why the game doesn’t disable that itself though.


An update should get pushed to the in-game content manager pretty soon. Version 1.03 should fix this, according to the release notes:

KDEN v1.03

Includes all of v1.02 updates plus a few more

  • Improved night lighting
  • Added red beacons on top of towers
  • Enabled ground PBR (will be visible with MSFS’s new update)
  • Fixed missing glass canopy from the Hotel
  • Added custom parking lot textures next to main terminal
  • Fixed Asobo’s KDEN bleed through/duplicate buildings (no more need to manually delete files)
  • Smoothed out many taxiways and unrealistic inclines/bumps
  • Fixed Taxiway naming, ATC now gives full taxiway directions
  • Optimized traffic flow for aircraft and traffic
  • Fixed various parking gates/ramps
  • Fixed runway 26 papi showing no proper indications
  • Fix various object placements

To Update:

Open Contrail and click on the ‘Download’ button in the top menu - or - Go to your account on shop.flightbeam.net and re-download KDEN for MSFS.

This fix is only currently available on the Flightbeam Webstore. If you purchased in the Marketplace it will be a separate update you will get automatically, hopefully sometime within the next week.


Thanks both of you. That clears things up.

So: normaly I wouldn’T delete original scenery if buying “overlays”??

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Do you happen to know why the default scenery is still loaded? Lowi default loads objects from Munich and after disabling the default Lowi it was fine. I made a topic asking why CreateJetways are loaded from different airports (kinda same issue)

No, wish I was more up to speed on that, but not too sure. Let me ping @ScruffyDuckJon and see if he has any thoughts…

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Thanks! If this is a issue and known. I can stop putting time in finding out what happens. :slight_smile:

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If I understand correctly an airport default scenery is showing through an updated addon?

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The default KDEN and LOWI scenery isn’t disabled. Maybe if not bought thru the marketplace.

Also, if you have a bit of time can you check this topic I made. It’s probably a bug that loads Jetways from miles (10’s) away. Different CreateJetways airports loaded from miles and miles away

I bought it through marketplace and the originals are there and activated. I’m not sure, what is loaded or not. That’s why I’m asking.

The addon should exclude all parts of the existing default airport. This is achieved via a combination of airport exclude flags and exclusions to hide objects etc. Actually a default airport is never physically removed from the system but rather hidden so the addon gets a clear run. If there are problems with the default showing through the addon then this needs to be addressed by the addon developer

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Thanks for that useful information. So it seems many devs didn’t take much care into this so far.

I would say that we are all learning how to use the new capabilities for third party addons :wink:

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Yes we do.

I wonder, if the default is just hidden, does that mean the the default airport is still loaded, but not visible? Wouldn’t that be a waste of ressources/performance?

I am not sure of the mechanics but I suspect that the elements hidden or excluded are not loaded into the sim

Yes, I hope so!
Looking at Cygnifick’s posts in this thread and also his own thread, I am a bit skeptical…