Flightbeam KDEN Causing a CTD

Is anyone else having issues with Flightbeam’s KDEN from the in sim store? I have had to remove it, as it causes CTD’s version 1.0.5.

I haven’t had any issues with it crashing post SU5. That said, the hand-crafted KDEN got reinstalled as part of the update process and it was non-obvious how to find it and remove it. IIRC, there is a hamburger menu on the Premium Deluxe Edition that shows up in Content Manager and you have to click that to to get it to give access to all of the Premium Deluxe components. Do make sure you have uninstalled the Premium Deluxe version if you have it.

I have Flightbeam KDEN and have zero issues.

I have tried all this and just CTD’s

How are you certain it’s the mod? Could it be a livery you’re using (caused mine to CTD just yesterday - had an outdated livery from flightsim.to that wasn’t updated with SU5).

Also, do you have the latest version of this airport scenery?

I have tried several planes, all work fine at other airports FlyTampa KLAS for example?
I have deleted the ASOBO Premium KDEN

I bought it through the in sim market…

As soon as I spawn at it, or fly near it boom CTD. If I remove it, no problems.

I have just installed the latest version from the market?

I have had issues with the airport and flight plans not being picked up from ATC until after takeoff. Flightbeam does have their share of issues here but they are mostly with KPDX and the AFCAD. I have KDEN through them directly and it appears that the MS market place don’t have the latest version. On my end the Contrail App is showing that the latest version of KDEN is 1.0.7

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That’s the issue then, mine is older, let me check. I will post a screen shot

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Sadly, the MSFS marketplace takes months to be updated… I won’t ever buy from it again.


I did not buy it on contrail but it seems to find it

That’s 2 versions behind… This is Garbage!

Im going to just buy it again…never buying from the in sim store again!! EVER!


Sadly, indeed. I mean, you would think that since MSFS got updated and they know it’s going to cause issues with third party content that they would at least devise the means to push out updated content through the marketplace faster than they do. Two versions behind. I wouldn’t be surprised if some third parties just stopped putting content on there. The way it is now makes the third party look incompetent even though they update their products.


And Contrail don’t tell you that there is an update available?

no, I guess it cant as I did not buy from there. Awful on MS’s part. Pure garbage.

I bought it again… CBA with the store…its a con!

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You might want to check into going through a refund process on the KDEN you purchased in the store. You see, you didn’t buy the airport, you bought points that you were able to use towards the airport. About the only way it will change is when A, they realize or B, less revenue through this system and learning why.

I cant beleive it is the shambles it is. I tried once for a refund on the C90 rubbish, that would not even fly on the day it was released!!! That went badly. It cost me another £10 or so, not that I can just throw around money, but I cant take the store. All of this with the points, selling broken stuff needs regulation if you ask me! I feel like I have zero rights at all…This cant be right.


I’ll dig through my bookmarks and give you a forum post link where someone went through the refund process seemingly fairly easily. It was a post about the A-10 aircraft on there.

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Here it is, supersix, bravo out! :wink:


Like my grandfather said once. “I can get pictures from Mars, but I cant get channel 5” lol

I feel its the same with this. They stream the whole world in, but you cant get an update for months!

Oh look…and here I sit at KDEN with no issues… Kill me now! What are MS/ASOBO doing!!! People need a proverbial rocket or 2 around there…WAKE UP MS< YOU ARE KILLING YOUR STORE!!!



Not sorry for Caps!!!


I have 57 Items that need updating,never buying from marketplace again…

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