Flightbeam KPDX - Missing STARs

Does anyone know the best place to report a bug to Flightbeam?

Their KPDX addon is missing the proper runway definitions for 03/21 and it’s breaking Navigraph STAR data, e.g. no STARS are present in the sim. At least, I’m assuming that’s what the issue is based on this forum post with the same issue on the Navigraph forums.

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Just noticed the following in the Flightbeam KPDX v1.2.0 changelog:

Removed rwy 3/21 from facilities data so that rwys 10/28L&R are used

So, I guess it’s broken on purpose…

FWIW-According to airport diagram it is still present. One time long ago, we were flying AA from Chicago to PDX, think we stopped in Denver. Anyway, the Pilot of that flight was directed to use 03 for his landing, and it was storming (windy, rainy, just ■■■■■■ WX coming in), and that particular landing was scary, normally either 28L/R or 10L/R is used, but that night storm right out of the south. I thought for sure we were going to hit our house since it sat right under that line of approach. Only time I have been scared in plane, and the USN C-47 from Cubi Pt, to Clark was hairy too, but not like this one. The old Gooney Bird, just keeps on ticking.

I’ve owned the KPDX addon since launch and have never noticed anything missing but I use Simbrief and import, I never use the built in flight planning since it’s basically working below the bare minimum. It literally does aboout 1 thing it should do and then makes up for that by doing about 10 things it shouldn’t. Which plane are you flying?

I don’t use the default flight planning either. I fly the FBW A32X, but the Navigraph data is the same within the FMS. It’s seems this quote by Richard from Navigraph in the above link is the problem:

MSFS suppress all STARs, when one STAR can’t be assigned to a runway and thats the reason why you don’t see the STARs. Sorry, but thats a MSFS limitation. We have all STARs in the database (also in the MSFS database), but the sim doesn’t shown it, due this missing runway.

So, since the runway is present and operational in real life/real data, but not in the Flightbeam KPDX add-on, then it suppresses all of the STARs. That seems to be why they aren’t visible in the FMS or default flight planning. The only way I see around it is manually entering the fixes for the STAR and that is too tedious for me.

I guess as a work around, I could try just importing from Simbrief into the default flight planner. Maybe that would work.

Simbrief doesn’t do STARs. Which is realistic, as the STAR wouldn’t be assigned in the clearance process in real life (it would come from ATC before approach).

Oh yeah, good point.

I have the same issue.

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I have the same issue. Did you try here: - Index page

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I also have KPDX by Flightbeam. It is nice scenery for sure. I have created a fix while we are waiting for an official fix. It is small package with runways only with transparent materials so 100% of the original scenery is there. This package fixes the SID/STAR issues and also fixes the 28R ILS approach that did not work. For fun I also did numerous water fixes to show numerous boats and marinas surrounding the airport and Columbia river. I also removed the photogrammetry trees on the HWY 5 and train bridge crossing the Columbia river. The file size is 29kb. Download here > https://www.mediafire.com/file/zmdz88h4cgavxrl/kpdx-airport-fix.zip/file

Place this package in your “Community” folder and restart the sim. Enjoy!

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Thanks for doing this, but it did not fix the missing ILS 28R missing localizer/glideslope issue for me. I am using Flightbeam’s KPDX and Navigraph’s Navdata. If I tune the localizer frequency of 111.30 while on the ILS 28R approach, it does not return the correct IDENT and does not provide localizer/glideslope guidance.

28R and the opposite direction 10L share localizer frequencies. In MSFS, with or without your fix, I am only getting the 10L localizer/glideslope signal for that frequency (111.30).

Let’s check if the package is loading. Do you see the boats and marinas as seen in the attached photo?

Do the SID/STAR show up in flight planning?

I flew the ILS 28R approach more than 30 times and it followed the glide slope perfectly and IDENT was IIAP.

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Here is my photo:

Yes, the SIDs/STARs show up in flight planning.

Just to make sure, I deleted my content.xml file and let MSFS reload a new one. Here is the relevant part:

Still not getting ILS 28R localizer and glideslope guidance.

Hi AwarePlot. Thanks for letting me know. I am going to delete the runway objects and rebuild them from scratch and see if this helps. I am glad the SID/STARs are working and that was the main goal. Strangly Just today my ILS 28R approach did not work when it did yesterday. repeatedly I have no clue why. So I will rebuild and send you a link if for new download to try.


I got the KPDX ILS 28R approach to work (see attached video) once with the correct IIAP IDENT, and numerous times the day before, but never again. Fortunately all the SID/STARs work consistently. I have no idea why the ILS 28R approach does not work again. I have tried to rebuild the runway objects and delete all underlying runways, approaches, ILSs, arrivals and departures to no avail. The default KPDX from MSFS ILS 28R approach is broke with IVDG used from 10L instead of the correct IIAP for 28R. I have opened an official ZENDesk ticket for this. We will have to wait for them to fix this part of things.KPDX ILS 28R approach

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I am still disappointed about all of this. I am still not sure exactly who has control of this. Navigraph says it’s not them. Flightbeam will not fix this (been over a year). MSFS of course stays silent. So at this point is there anything one can do? I will be removing the Flightbeam product from my drive soon if I cant get any resolution (already committed to not purchase them again).