FlightDeckSolutions and MSFS?

Has anyone had any success getting the FDS MCDU working with MSFS? I can not seem to find any documentation on how to even go about trying this. ALso I have SPAD.NEXT and am wondering if there is just a way to make the MCDU into a joystick somehow?

Latest version of SimA 2.05 sort of works but developer participation has been sporadic at best over the last 18mths, why dont you post at the FDS forum…

I have not had any success with them. Also I am looking for integration with the standard aircrafts like the A320NX.

Interface the MCDU to ProSim + MSFS and it will work.

Using Prosim it works great. But I realize this isn’t a choice for a lot of people. But if you prosim is in your budget all the FDS products work great with MSFS

That has been the problem with Sim-A is lack of developer support. ProSim is definitely the choice for avionics suite for MSFS.

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