Flightpath Disappearing - Is this the same problem as others?

I’ve read of some issues with flight planning that have come up since the last update, and I’m not sure if my problem is the same or not. So please, if this is something that has been discussed in the forums, just let me know where.

I have the Longitude and downloaded the Longitude Flight Dynamics Mod, which has resolved a lot of problems that the Asobo Longitude has. Until recently, I’ve planned the flight (say from KBUR to KIDA) and set up an ILS approach and used FMS. The plane intercepted each turn and the ILS, everything worked great, and I landed normally.

But since (I believe) the last update, I’m flying along, and instead of the next leg of the flight plan running dark red and the plane turning to intercept, it stays white, and the plane makes the turn, but doesn’t maintain the flight path. As a result, there I go, headed ‘thataway’. It generally happens 1/2 to 3/4 into the trip, but isn’t consistent.

Sorry, but I’m not sure what else anyone would need to help me. I wonder if created the flight plan from inside the cockpit on the actual Garmin screens if that would work, but I was curious if my problem is common and if there is some solution. Thanks.

This is a known issue with the autopilot in the default aircraft, which several of the mods have managed to correct. It generally seems to occur at the start of an approach, after ATC clearance.
Is your version of the Longitude mod current?
If it is, until the mod crew comes up with a new version that stabilizes this, other than switching to “heading” and follow the rest of the plan in that mode, there probably isn’t much you can do.

I downloaded version 1.80 yesterday. Thanks for the response.

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The same thing happened to me from KDAL to KLAS. Started the next leg and then it went white and I went off into the wild blue yonder. Then I couldn’t even find the next waypoint in the plan on the map. Just the one after that. Then soon after it froze like its been doing for a few days now. Im also in the longitude w/ dakflights mod version 1.7 though

I would always use the latest version of a mod.
It may not have helped with the A/P, but it might with the freezing.

Im about to grab it now, just making sure I don’t remove an important offical file like I did last time lol… When Im done Ill try the exact same route.

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Creating the flight plan from the Garmin screen doesn’t make a difference.

If you don’t have it already, I’d highly recommend the WorkingTitle G3000 mod. It mitigates several of the problems of the base Garmins. It still has issues that are part of the core Garmin, but it does make the experience a lot less frustrating. Plus, it adds really useful features and doesn’t look as cartoonish as the default.

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I created the flight plan from the Garmin screens yesterday as a test and it worked fine, but that’s hardly definitive. In that test, I had deleted the WT G3000 mod from my PC and used the Flight Dynamics mod (1.80). I tried last night after adding the WT G3000 back in and didn’t lose my flight plan but the flight locked up completely about 3/4 through. That wasn’t a valid test though, because I had to use active pause for about 30" right at the start, and who knows what that did.

I hope to get more testing in today (try the Asobo Longitude with/without WT G3000, create the flight plan in the UI vs the Garmin, etc. I really do prefer the WT G3000 mod much better over the original, so I hope to keep it.

I don’t use Active Pause because it’s been a source of issues for me. If it doesn’t outright cause a CTD, there’s a good possibility having used it will affect my performance for the rest of the flight.

The sim is very fragile at best. There are so many things that don’t work or interact the way they should. It makes it difficult to track down the source of a particular problem when so many interrelated things are buggy.