"FlightRadar" for MSFS


Is there a scope able to show traffic (split inbetween Multiplayer, and AI) as generated / connected to the servers?
If no - is one under development by Asobo or a 3rd party?


Stephen Odgaard

I’m not aware of exactly what you’re looking for, only two similar solutions.

Flight Events can show player flights, but you need to manually install and run the app to show up on the map. It won’t show any real-life flights.

VATSIM also has a map of all VATSIM flights, including but not limited to MSFS players: https://map.vatsim.net/

Again, you need to install and run third party software to show up there, and it won’t contain any real flights.

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Both LittleNavMap and FSTramp show traffic when connected to other sims such as FSX or P3D. At present this feature isn’t carried over to they way they work with MSFS but hopefully it will be.

I don’t think so - the first issue to solve would be to figure out how you split the different servers for the map too…

Alternatively you can currently use any of the (3rd-party SimConnect using) things like

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The issue with this is that currently with SimConnect you will probably only be able to get the ~50 nearest planes, which is the design for MSFS multiplayer…